Saturday, September 6, 2008

You Know That Feeling.

In my last post I talked to you about how the next day we were going to go back into Mount Hjyal and finish off the fourth boss then move on to Black Temple.

Well that was the plan, but unfortunately we were reminded forcefully that "Boss Downed" does not mean "Boss on Farm". We spent a couple of hours wiping before finally downing Azgalor and getting more T6 gloves into the guild. One person summed up our feeling nicely in his congratulations to the recipients of the gloves, and I quote, "Congratulations, you lucky sons of bitches."

With not enough raid time left to have a proper go in Black Temple we went and wiped a few times on Archimond, and wow what a fight this is going to be. We are all going to have to be in top shape to get this guy down since seemingly one death starts a chain reaction wiping the raid. Also a note to melee dps in this fight, DO ... NOT ... STAND ... NEAR ... THE ... TANK. We had one wipe caused by melee getting air bursted while too close to the tank, welcome to Finger Of Death city, population us.

Anyway the next day we move on to BT to kill Mr. shrimp guy and have a go at Supremus. Again that was the plan, and again it didn't quite turn out that way. We spent the entire raid night wiping on this guy until we had respawns on the trash and called it a night.

We also had the undeniable return of the Incompetent Warrior as I was the direct cause of one of our wipes, no buts no maybes, I wiped the raid in true Incompetent Warrior fashion.

Now I had done my homework and was prepared for the fight that night, I had the macro, I had reread the strat guides and re-watched the how to vids and I had been there on our guilds first down night.

So no room for error there right? Wrong!

You see no amount of preparation can ever eliminate the chance of me screwing up. This time it was a simple case of macro placement. How can where you put your macro wipe a raid? Well thats an easy question to answer, you wipe a raid by putting the macro to burst the bubble on the key bound slot and put your frost protection potion on the unbound slot you thought you put the macro in. This means that when you go to take your potion while the raid is healing up you actually burst the bubble killing two thirds of the raid in one horrific moment of incompetence.

This brings me nicely round to the title, when you screw up so monumentally you get this unmistakable sinking feeling. You'll know the one I'm talking about if you've ever body pulled High King Mulgar before the raid is ready, fallen off the platform while tanking Al'ar (or jumped off the platform too late), accidentally targeted and healed someone other than the tank at a crucial moment, or burst the bubble to early on High Warlord Naj'entus.

Can anyone guess which one of the listed things was the one I haven't done? Here's a clue ... I can't heal. As for the rest, been there, done that, bought the " I wiped the raid" T-shirt, and every time the feeling is the same. If you haven't felt that feeling yet then your not reading the right blog. I like to list my more horrendous mistakes here so that you don't have to make the same mistake. Oh no I want you to go out there and make new and interesting mistakes.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Makol said...

You'd love Eredar twins.

Val said...

Ahh, we've all had those times of doing stupid things and wiping the raid.

I recently brought my Hunter out for some Heroics and did all the terrible Noob Hunter things to get us killed. I gave people money for their repair bills I felt so bad!

Back to the Mage and Healer where I'm competent!!

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