Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's the truth I swear.

Last night just for the hell of it I went into Black Temple with a few other crazy people just to have fun wiping on the trash, and can you believe that we managed to find 25 people willing and eager to go wipe on BT trash at 1:30 am game time? Well we did.

Here's some of the Crazy Raiders
It all started while I was playing on my little warlock alt in another guild when one of their members suggested forming a raid of a few people and going into BT for the laugh. I switched over to Stuntyone immediately, this sounded like too much fun to pass up. What started as a few people soon snowballed into a full 25 man raid group as friends and friends of friends were called upon.

The foolish people put me in charge of organizing the raid groups, so of course I made sure that I was in a proper melee group :). With everything as sorted as you could hope to manage with a PuG 25 man raid we started to test the trash.

I think we bit off more than we could chew.

This scene was repeated often. However we were all having a great time and chatter and lol's were rampant. I just wish I'd taken a screen shot of the reaction after I suggested we "Hit stuff and see what happens", it got a much better response than it deserve due to the entire raid being giddy. My "We Were Not Prepared ... not even for the trash." comment also got a good response.

Then after sneaking around and finding a different group to pick on, the most amazing thing happened. The mobs (after killing a third of the raid, me included) stopped randomly one shotting people and settled on the surviving tanks. I targeted the mob marked with skull, and immediately started screaming into Voice Chat.
" Come on people he's at 50%. KILL KILL KILL"
"40% keep it up!"
"20%!! You can do it!"
" 15%, 12% 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1%"
"All on X! You can do it!"
And so on cheering my fellow crazys on, until finally when the last mob goes down.
The Voice Chat and raid chat explode like we just downed Illidan himself.

We have a bit more fun wiping, but it gets to 3:30 game time and we have to call it as people are already having to leave. I felt a little guilty afterwards because I was the only one to get a useful piece of loot from it (apart from a couple of Marks of the Illidari) I got and learned the Design for Mystical Skyfire Diamond's.

Anyway I can now say I have set foot in Black Temple, and even killed a few things.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Salvation Please.

Can anyone guess what the post is about yet?

Thats right, Blessing of Salvation. I only just noticed that in all the screen shots I took during the SSC run, not once was BoS in my list of buffs. I thought I was generating an awful lot of threat.

Here's a little pic of my buffs after Hydross was downed.

See no salv :(

Now this is probably a two part problem. Part one, I was mistakenly marked for some other blessing in Pally Power, I probably ran into the old warriors R 4 tanks prejudice, leading to whoever set pally power simply over looking me as dps. Part Two, I just didn't notice it wasn't there. Normally it's only noticeable to me by being there, something quite disastrous for a tank, and is quickly knocked off. This time however it didn't register on me because it wasn't there to catch my attention ... if that makes any kind of sense to you at all congratulations, you'll be one of the few :).

If I'd checked for and asked for blessing of salvation I could have dps'd harder and faster on all of the adds :(.

So let this be a lesson to you, even if you normally run as a tank check for BoS, and if it's not there raise such a hoohaa about it that the pallys give it to you just to shut you up.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A guild First, And I Was There!

Thats right, it was my guilds first kill of Hydross the Unstable, our tanks had just gotten the resistance gear needed for the encounter, and I was there. Yeah Baby!

Everyone put on their Sunday best for the pic. Thats me in front of the bracer's in the red hat and shirt, and before you comment it's not a skirt damn it. It's a kilt, man dress whatever you want to call it, but it is NOT a skirt whatever Lady B might tell you. Mjm had somehow managed to turn himself into an ogre, and one that I couldn't attack /sulk. He spent the next while magically shooting arrows from his belly with no bow in sight. P had his farming gear on complete with enchanted gardening implement (A rake if I remember rightly), and everyone was generally having a great time.

Ok enough with the self congratulatory segment and on with the show. I promised mistakes, and I can deliver. Oh yes, once again the incompetent warrior has been killing himself so you don't have to. I should get some kind of public service medal for this.

A little background on the raid, or at least the part of it I was most attached to. We had a proper melee group, consisting of Two Rogues (C and I, btw I it was great to finally hear your voice, and having a second giggler in the raid wasn't that bad ), a Feral Druid (K unleashing some kitty pew pew), An Enhancement Shaman (Elemental L had gone Enhancement for this one), and a MS/Slam Warrior (yours truly). This group meshed really well, everyone was delighted at the buffs the others provided, and we chatted in party chat throughout the raid, even jokingly dubbing ourselves "Team Awesome". As part of this group my personal dps jumped by more than 200 compared to my Tempest Keep run, while I was alive that is :(.

As usual I will start with a little commentary on the trash. Those Bog Lord Thingies were great fun as I got to beat on them to my little warrior hearts content. The only thing you have to remember is to move those little legs as fast as you can when the ground turns green, and as an added bonus when it dies you get to beat up on some little guys he spawns. The bigger groups were tough on me, not because my job was dificult in any way, but because I was surrounded my so many mobs and not allowed to hit Whirldind :(. The urge to smack that button and watch the number fly was almost irresistible. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that would have probably meant a wipe since I could very well crit those CC'd mobs, putting a DoT on them making it impossible to re-sheep.

Hydross Take 1.

Brand new content for us, and wouldn't it be amazing if we one shotted the over sized puddle?

Well predictably we didn't. The first transition went well enough, with a couple of loose elementals but the pally tanks getting on top of things pretty quickly. It was during the second transition that I found out something very obvious but very important for melee dps. Don't stand near Hydross during transition! That mean ol' bugger turned around and two shotted me at the aggro wipe :( This is what the rest of the fight looked like for me.

Look familiar?

It should do, it's pretty much the same view I had when fighting Al'ar in Tempest Keep on monday.

"Here we go.", I thought to myself, "way to prove to everyone that your a contributing member of the dps, but only for the first 5 F###ing seconds of every fight.". But aggro happened as it tends to and we had 8 adds out at once. Hello wipe city.

Hydross Take 2.

We do our corpse run business, get back, buffed, hyped up and ready for another shot. During the corpse run there was discussion about how best to manage aggro during transitions so we were feeling pretty confident about the whole affair.

GO GO GO!! /wipe.

An over stimulated Warlock cast Curse of Shadows before the tank had picked up hydross, causing him to cross the transition line immediately and spawning 4 adds. We run for it, and some of us even made it out. Not me I got to the first lift and decided to see if I could solo him. Would you believe I couldn't? Hydross sure as hell did. Two seconds later I did too.

Hydross Take 3.

This time round everything clicked. Transitions went smoothly, adds were brought over to Hydross so that AoE damage could nuke him too, dps wasn't over aggroing (well a couple of Warlocks kicked the bucket, but thems the brakes) and all was happy in the world.

I was having to stop dps much earlier than the other melee because I couldn't have a DoT up on the big guy during transition, and every crit I did refreshed my DoT. With a 47% crit chance thanks to Team Awesome I was critting way to much to risk trying to get a last hit in.

I more than made up for this pause in dps when it came time for the adds.

See those four adds?

Lets hit 'em all at once! Muhahahahahaha!

Sweeping Strikes,Whirlwind and more big shiny numbers than you could shake a stick at. All these were mine during the add beat down parts of the fight :)

Then it came time for the final burn. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Heroism, Death Wish and Recklessness, if theres a better combination out there I don't want to know about it.

Anyway Hydross goes POP and much shouting on vent and dancing was had by all. Then I get this whisper.

"You're alive? But you always die." -_- It was Lady B who had obviousely been casting around for my body only to find me alive and dancing with everyone else.

We distribute the loot and head on to do The Lurker Below. A fight which most of the raid (not me) had done before.

Lurker Take 1 ... And Only.

This fight isn't hard for melee dps. you only have to do 3 things.
1) Don't over aggro. (obvious)
2) Move back when the Lurker does his Whirl thing. (hits everyone in melee range and knocks them back)
3) Jump in the water when the lurker does his spout thing. (you get hit by this and it's the end of the fight for you. You'll be dead and knocked so far back there will be no hope of a combat rez.

Guess what, I manage to mess one of these up in the first minute of the fight. I just didn't move back fast enough when it came time for the Lurker to whirl. He musta smacked me with a crit because the water finished me off before I could even hit my space bar to try and jump out. As if that wasn't bad enough I just floated there watching the fight until about 65% before asking K for a battle rez. It just did not occur to me to ask for one before that, even though the only other person to die apart from me was an unlucky warlock who caught a face full of spout (some nights it's just not good to be a 'lock).

After I got the battle rez those big shiny number where just not the same, they were still big and shiny alright, but just not as big and shiny as before I lost all my raid buffs.

I also seemed to be trying my damndest to die again when it was time for the adds, I just wasn't taking into account the extra dps (thus extra threat) that Team Awesome's passive buffs and totems were providing me with, and attacking the mobs before the tank had gotten enough aggro on them. If it hadn't been for the quick work of a couple of healers I would have been Naga bait. I later learned that one of those healers was Lady B so thank you Lady B, and a big thank you to the other random healers that threw health my way, I love you all <3 style="text-align: center;">Fillet of Lurker Anyone?

Thus ends my first excursion into SSC.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

I am an Idiot

I just lost 2 hours of post because I had disabled javascript and blogger wigged out on me. Damn it all but you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see how SSC went.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the (very) Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Quick Update!

The Gruuls lair run went very well last night one shotting both boss's in about 45 minutes. Gruul was nice enough to drop a lovely new shield for me (which looks much nice then the SSO rep one), but High king Mulgar still refuses to give me any of those warrior T4 tokens, the big meany. Also why is it that I'm still nervous at the start of a Gruuls run?

In other news the guild is taking me to SSC for the first time tonight but as dps ... again!!! I don't know why, but hey, I'm sure as hell not going to complain. Be sure to watch out for tonights list of hideous mistakes. A good time shall be had by all. That reminds me I'd better go read up on SSC.

I got in some practice as dps last night in the heroics that Lady B hijacked me for. The group consisted of myself, Kitty (who you might remember from my exploits in arena), Banshee (a regular commenter on this blog), Lady B's little warlock alt, and Madam N. (another warlock) who wisely went to bed after the first heroic and was replaced by the funny hunter. These runs were filled with some very funny moments that I would love to share with you. That is if I wasn't under strict orders from Lady B not to :(

Last night I killed a mage!!! Any of you familiar with my pvp posts will understand why this is a big deal for me :). Although that mage must have been decked out in greens as I managed to kill in in three hits o.O . Still from now on I'm going to at least attack a mage instead of running in blind terror from it.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

33/28/0 Mortal Strike/Slam

First off I want to say sorry for the late post. I didn't get the time before Gruuls to finish it, and afterwards Lady B. hijacked me for a couple of heroics, damn but I really really have to build up some kind of resistance to her.

Ok this is going to be a departure from my usual posts and I'm going to pretend I know something. Remember I'm only pretending so do double check everything I say.

This post will have two parts to it. The first part will be on the main points of 33/28 and how to use it. The second part will be on my variant of the build and why I differ from the cookie cutter build.

33/28/0 Cookie Cutter Build. (taken from the Elitest Jerks forum)

This build is a utility build. This means that focuses more on increasing raid dps than on personal dps.

The key Points of this build are as follows.

Deep Wounds : This talent is what allows you to keep Blood Frenzy up without wasting rage on Rend. It is also required before you can take Impale, a talent which no dps warrior should be without.

Blood Frenzy : This talent is what makes this build raid viable. At rank 2 this causes all physical damage to the target to be increased by 4%
. This benefits Hunters, Hunter Pets, Warriors (of all speccs), Rogues, Enhance Shaman, Protection and Retribution Paladins, and Feral Druids.

Improved Slam: Regular Slam just wont cut it. Having 2/2 Improved slam Is what allows you to put out good personal dps as well as provide utility for the raid.

Mortal Strike: Taking this gives you a second special attack to fit into your rotation, and is again part of providing meaningful personal dps
as well as raid utility.

Improved Thu
nder Clap: Remember what I said about raid utility? Well this talent allows you to act as Debuff B#### for the main tank in boss fights. It does mean that you have to switch into Battle Stance occasionally, but thems the breaks.

Demoralizing Shout: Again another item in your arsenal as Debuff B####.

Commanding Presence: This talent increase the attack power or health you give to others in your party, as well as increasing your own attack power. It's a win win talent :)

Using 33/28:

This build has a very specific damage rotation which requires quite a bit of practice to get right. It consists of inserting special attacks between white attacks, and then following the white attack w
ith a slam. Your attack rotation should look something like this.

White Attack -- Mortal Strike -- White attack -- Slam -- Whirlwind -- White Attack -- Slam -- Mortal Strike -- White Attack

Using this rotation you can make 3 attacks with a two handed weapon in just over 4 seconds, depending on lag.

The reason you use Slam right after the white attack is because Slam resets the auto attack timer. This means that if you have a 3.6 speed weapon and you hit slam 3 seconds into the timer, after slam has finished you have to wait another 3.6 seconds before you will get an auto attack. T
his will kill your rage generation, and thus kill your dps. This is also why having Improved Slam is so important. Improved Slam means that there is only a 0.5 second delay between casting Slam and the attack timer starting again.

Tips on 33/28:

Get an attack timer. I recommend the Quartz addon (link pending). This allows you to better time your Slams since you have a visual reference for your auto attack.

Have Rend on your action bar. Now hold on a minute before you start flaming me on that one, just hear me out. You want to have Blood Frenzy up 100% of the time and there will be times when you just don't a critical strike. They don't call it a percentage chance for nothing.

If in doubt skip Slam. Messing up your Slam timing is the biggest detriment to your dps, so if you think you missed the timing just don't cast it.

Use a slow weapon. This is because your special attacks are instant cast or have a set cast time and use the weapons damage for their base damage. This means that if two weapons have the same dps, but one has a slower attack speed, the slower of the two will provide better overall damage.

That about covers it for what I fell I'm able to comment on. Now lets talk about my variant of this build.

My 33/28/0 MS/Slam Build

I feel that you should never be afraid to mess ar
ound with a cookie cutter build to better suit your own play style. This is how I've changed mine.

The main differences are 5/5 Deflection, and 5/5 Unbridled Wrath.

The 5/5 Deflection was taken over 3/3 Improved Heroic Strike, and 2/5 Deflection. This is because:

1) I have rage issues, I just don't generate enough rage on a consistent scale to warrent throwing any Heroic Strikes into my rotation.

2) I still occasionally have to tank something when I'm dps, and having the extra 3% deflection really helps there.

The 5/5 Unbridled Wrath was chosen over 5/5 Improved Demoralizing Shout. this is because:

1) Those rage issues again.

2) We usually have enough warlocks that one of them is on Curse of Weakness duty and it seams that when curse of weakness is up I can't put Demo Shout on the same mob. This is one of those things I'd go double check if I were you.

Well that about wraps it up for me pretending I know what the hell I'm talking about. Back to my usual fare for the next post.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Sorry L

It came to my attention today that I had left out a participant in my getting the heroics done for my title. They say a picture is worth a thousand word, well what about a picture with words :). And for what it's worth I never meant to leave you out L.

click for a better view

I left in the bit about H joining since it would have been mean to omit it ... and I'd already been told off for leaving someone out once already today :)

While I'm posting G-chat heres a prank a guildie played that I found so funny I had to take a screenie.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Al'ar Down, Yeah Baby!

Today when I joined the raid I thought to myself, theres no possible way I can top the dps meter. Well you know what? I was right. I only ended up putting out a steady 615 dps averaged over the instance.

I went down to the summoning stone early since I had nothing better to do and killed a few warp beasts for buff food (which I still have to cook). Then the raid starts filling up so we head inside and wait for the last one or two. They arrive and we buff up.

Ok it's only the trash, I've read up on these guys so there will be no problem, whirl wind = bad so I just move. Cool every things sorted.

Can you guess who the first person to die on the trash is?

You got it in one.

Thats right first pull and I screw up, well at least I'm consistent. When it came time to move away from one of the whirl winding adds I accidentally hit "r". so the last person I whispered before going into the instance got a message that went something like this:
"From Stuntyone: ewasdweeeewsddddwadd"
This loosely translated mean "Oh S### I just died."

The trash is a bit frustrating for me because there are so many sheeped mobs around, meaning I couldn't hit Whirl Wind most of the time in case I started making lamb chops :( ... but they look so tasty.

Anyway there are only a few pulls before Al'ar, and after those Windserpents have a bit of fun playing Pinball with the dwarf it's time for the main event (I just wish I'd gotten a few screen shots of the pinball fun, I promise to get them next time).

The Pally tank, two hunters, a rogue and myself were assigned to deal with the adds. There was some confusion as to whether or not stunning the adds just before they die stops them from exploding. As it turns out it does not. So after being thrown across the room a few times (which was actually quite fun to be honest), I decide that I'll get one execute in the run for my life. Those explosions were doing between 9-10k when you added in falling damage.

This went well for all of Phase One with the birdies going down fast enough for us to have a bit of down time before the next ones. Then only about a third of the way into Phase Two (if that) disaster strikes.

The Pally tank was tanking two as usual when a late but big Execute crit lands on the the first of the birds, which meant I didn't have quite enough time to get away before the explosion.

BOOM! The pally and I go flying in different directions, this in itself was alright since I had about 12.5K HP and could survive the blast and the fall. The big problem I had was that somehow I ended up with aggro from the second little birdie. With that Flapping, Fiery, F###er beating on me there was just no way the healers could get my health up in time for the next explosion. This was in no way helped by my continuing to beat the crap out of it.

The pally has no charge and my health is jumping between 10-30% mark like an overexcited child with a paddle ball. By the time I'm able to execute I've decided it's better for me and it to be dead than for just me to be dead and it running around loose.

EXECUTE BABY!! I spam that button like it was giving out free money. BOOM! I go down hard, but with a smile on my face, those big number really are pretty :).

Now there was no combat rez available for me because by the time I died there had already been two other fatalities and the rogue died at the same time as me. The decision was made to use the last available combat rez on him. I couldn't disagree since he put out better dps than I did (but only just since he'd respeced for Cloak of Shadows and that gimped his dps). So I spent the rest of the fight watching from my back on the floor. It really is a visually stunning encounter.

After I died all hell seemed to break loose with people dieing left, right and center. I kept waiting for the wipe, but it just never happened. The remaining people got control of the situation and finished Al'ar off by killing the adds (he loses 3% health every time one dies). Pretty amazing stuff when you take a look at how many were left in the end.

But in the end all was good, and Al'ar was one shotted. I even got most of the raid to line up for a screnie. Theres always a couple that just wont move :(.

No loot dropped for me, but that was expected since Al'ar doesn't actually have any loot for an MS/Slam warrior (for fury yes, for me no). Grats again to all those in the raid that got some of that shinny loot :)

Hmmm ... we'd only planned to do Al'ar and we one shot that pigeon.

What do we do now?

Gruuls? No that wouldn't be fair on those who signed up for it tomorrow.

SSC? Same thing for wednesday.

PvP? Ok lets give that a go.

We have a bit of fun in the BG's. And can you believe it? Some of the raiders that came had never experienced the frustration ... I mean the fun ... that is AV?

While I'm waiting in the cue for AV the guild has a little surprise in store for me. Stuntys got Raider Rank... Yeah Baby! All in all it's been a great night for me :)

So in the end we do a couple of typical AV's (meaning we lost), one great AB which we one by a large margin, and completely trounce two EotS's before I log off to write this post.

Here's me and Ej chilling in one of the towers. I'm in such a good mood that I'm taking it easy on the horde ... no really look ... I've got my little axe out.

EotS and Noggenfogger Elixers ... is there a better combinaion? This makes you harder to target and has the added bonus of making you look like your riding a kitten.

Oh well it's back to protection for me as I'm listed as one of the tanks for Gruuls Lair tomorrow.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Entercard And Other Stuff

After reading Naissa's Rage a few days ago I went and got myself an Entercard (scroll down and you'll see it), and today the drops I got on it from other Entercard users exploded. I got nearly as many drops today as I have gotten from all the other days I've had it combined. o.O

I have spent much more time visiting each of the sites than I meant to and so I don't have time before tonights raid to write up the post on MS/Slam which I had planned. I will get it done tomorrow at some point between finishing my post about tonights raid and doing Gruuls lair tomorrow. It's on it's way I promise.

Bonus! actual gaming sites are now wanting to advertise on my Entercard, rather than the random clap trap I've been turning down up till now. Well thats not entirely true, there have been a few applicable blogs up to now, but not nearly as many as I got today.


Until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raiding Again, But As ... WHAT ?!? o.O

Lately Lady B. has been at me to sign up to one of the Tempest Keep raids. Now I wasn't going to because I don't have the Raider rank needed to sign up for Tier 5 raids, but Lady B kept at me and she got her own way (as she usually does, damn but I've got to build up some kind of resistance to her). I went to the guilds warrior class leader first to ask if I could, he said yes. That settled I signed up for the next TK raid.

I logged on to the guild forum this morning to check out the latest posts and the TK line up was posted. I take a look at the list of tanks, damn I'm not in there, oh well I'd been half expecting that. I am quite under geared compared to the usually raiding tanks, and it was Al'ar who they'd only just downed last week. Only mildly disappointed I scroll down the list to see who else is going.


Whats this ??? (It's your name)*

Is it really in the list pf dps ??? (yes it is)*

Have I gone mad ??? (quite possible)*

Has the world gone mad ??? (even more likely when you look at the evidence)*

Bloody hell, I think I need a quick lie down. (probably a good idea)*

*these comments were made by the small part of my mind that tends to keep it's head in a crisis ... it's a very small part.

Well needless to say I was stunned. I didn't think I really had the gearing to go as dps. After a while of pacing back and forth, occasionally refreshing the page to make sure that it wasn't a mistake, I log on to check with the warrior class leader (I don't disturb the guild leader with these things we have a warrior class leader for a reason). Finally the WCL logs on and asks to see my gear as I'm listed under dps for the raid. I make my reservations known to him, slap on my dps gear and parade up and down in front of him for inspection, trying to look extra fierce in case it helps my chances. Let me tell you looking fierce as a Dwarf ain't easy since you only come up to a humans navel. I waved my axe around a lot to try and compensate. He asked me for a few numbers then suggested a few upgrades, but in the end I passed muster and got the go ahead.

Yeah Baby!! Stunty in a big boy raid as dps, have all my dreams come true? Not only that but I got the ok to run as 33/28/0 ms/slam, (my favorite dps spec) since I would be on the adds with two rouges and the 4% extra physical damage would help down them faster. One more time, Yeah Baby!

Now all I've got to do is get my ass in gear and get the last couple of enchants I'm missing.

p.s. I will later be giving a break down of why I use that version of the 33/28/0 build

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ogm omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg OMG BRK BLOGROLL LINKAGE!!!!!



Ok this admittedly over the top reaction needs a little explaining. I was first introduced to BRK's blog by a real life friend of mine who plays a hunter. I wasn't convinced by the blogging phenomenon so I ignored his recommendation to go read it. That was until i was bored one day and sneaked a quick peak. I became an instant BRK fan, he was even the reason I decided to write this blog. Now, joy of joys, I have been added to the WoW-Blogs BRK Reads section of his site.

The tool tip even says "The Stuntyone" <3

And ok so I didn't quite faint when I found out about the link, but my hands did leap off the keyboard and hit my forehead with an audible slap.

Damn, I just thought of something. I'm not going to be able to slack off with my blogging anymore now that I have been linked by such a prominent blogger and my promise of daily posts is there for all to read :(

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

I Don't Like This Band Wagon.

It seems that every WoW blog I visit at the moment has just done, or recently done a review of the leaked talents for WotLK.

Am I going to jump on the band wagon?

Hell no! Ok so technically by even mentioning it I have, but I shall pretend this does not count. I'm good at ignoring such inconvenient truth's.

Why won't I join in the talent blog fest?

Well I'm not 100% sure to be honest. It's just that every time I see one of these posts my brain jumps out my ear with a quick "You're on your own for this one.". I really have tried to read them, but I come out the other end of the post with the feeling that I had just read five pages of "Bla bla bla".

I don't know, maybe it's because I feel that with Blizzard just starting alpha testing, that any talents I do learn about and get excited by may very well be edited beyond recognition, or left out altogether. It may also be that however much I dislike blizzard as a company, (I love their games but dislike them as a corporate entity) I actually disapprove of the leak contravening the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). It could even be becacuse I like the idea of buying the expantion and being supprised by the new skills and other content.

Whatever the reason, whenever I see one of these posts I just scroll down to the next one before my brain abandons ship again.

While I'm on the subject of blogging, Lady Jess's last post has tipped her over the edge and into my regular blog reads, and added to my blogroll. Pity her, for I shall be a regular visitor to her blog. Also after being recommended to read Resto4Life to gain a better understanding of healing this has been added to my blogroll, entertaining, informative and easy to read, all win in my books :).

While I'm rambling on the subject of healers, after reading Resto4Life and Kestrels comment on my last post I'm sure glad I don't have to do any of that healy business, it looks far too complicated. No sir, I'm gonna stick to whacking mobs with my sword and trying not to get hit in the head too often.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tanks and Healers.

As part of my regular diet of caffeine, nicotine, and blogs I read Ratshags latest post. This then lead me on to the article on WoW Insider and a blog I had never read before Pretty In Plate, which I liked so much I decided to add it to my blogroll.

Also a healer finally decided to post something about healing in the comments of last nights post. Thank you Banshee, and I don't use a "heal me" macro, I personally find them obnoxious. I will however ask SG the Chatadin where my heals are, but that's just teasing him. But nobody is explaining to me how that whole healing business works :( . I take damage and healers heal me, that's the sum total of my knowledge on healing. So Priest, Druids, Paladins, and Shaman of the Internet please, please enlighten this ignorant dwarf.

All this talk of healers and tanks got me thinking, although my knowledge of healing is severely lacking, and while there are many healers that I trust to do their job well, there are a couple of healers that just feel right. My health bar moves in exactly the right way, and almost always goes back up before I get that "Oh S###!" feeling, and when I do get that feeling I know somethings up and take measures to give them a little extra time.

I have also noticed that getting healed feels good, I don't know if other tanks take getting healed for granted, but for me seeing those green numbers gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Then again that could just me being punch drunk from tanking one too many mobs.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Random Thoughts And Comic

These are a few thing I thought of today.

1) on banhammer : The Banhammer is a cruel and unforgiving overlord.

2) on beards : Having a beard is like having a pet that gets fed when you do.

3) on beards : It is impossible to eat an ice cream with a beard and retain any dignity.

4) on comments : Why don't you people leave comments. seeing "0 comments" under a post makes me a sad warrior :(

5) on walking : Walking home from work is what allows me to think these messed up thoughts.

6) on blogging : Some crazy person has actually added me to his blogroll o.O

7) on healers : During an instance is not the right time to tease your healer, unless of course you like lying face down on the dungeon floor hoping the the squishy pile you landed in is not what you think it is.

8) on healers : The difference between a melee priest and a melee hunter is this:

Until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Banhammer And Collateral Damage.

It turns out that blizzards spate of banning bot users has hit some inocent people, not the least of which being a member of AC, "The bloggiest guild on the internet", yet the goldseller/power leveling spam seems worse than ever. Apparently little or no investigation was undertaken before implimenting these bans. Read the full stroy on TJ's blog.


Bad Blizzard, BAD. Go sit in the naughty corner and think about what you've done.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Outraged Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Title For Stunty!

Now don't get the wrong idea we killed Maggy alright, I completed the quest, and even got the Fire resist ring. What I have not done however is kill Nightbane. No Nightbane, no title. /headdesk

No title for Stunty. /Cry /ChildishTantrum /BreakInexpensiveObjects

Now that I have that out of the way I can get on with the post.

I log back on after having my snack and get invited into the raid. I make my way to the summoning stone greet the few people that are there, dance with them, fly around upside down, you know the usual. Then the raid fills up so Lady B. and I start summoning people to the top of the summoning stone (a little quirk, but it makes me happy).

We all pile into the instance, buff up (The pally tank ends up with 19K hp after buffs /jealous), work out tanking marks, healing assignments and start pulling the trash. I was assigned to put warrior debuffs on the MT's (The pally tank) target as the trash only came in groups of three. I can't tell you a lot about the trash because from my perspective the pulls went like this. We see trash, we mark trash, we kill trash, we move on. Damn but each pull was over so fast it gave me nothing to write about. Although I did have to make a few adjustments to my graphics after the second pull when my FPS dropped down to 5.

Then it's time for Magtheridon . It feels strange to be able to run between the legs of a 25 man raid boss without being squished for your troubles, but thats exactly what you can do with maggy before the encounter starts.

Here's My first sight of Maggy.

I listen real close while instructions are being given out, just in case I miss something important. Ok I'm tanking the third Channeler, easy job there. Ok I'm not doing any of that clicky business with the psychedelic boxes. Alright, so all I gotta do is tank one of those channeler guys, tank any loose infernals there happen to be, keep Improved Thunderclap up on maggy, and loot the corpse. Simple.

Magtheridon Take 1.

Hmmmm ... Ok I really don't want to start this encounter early by attacking my channeler before the MT pulls, but I also don't want to be chasing this guy all over the place trying to tank him. What do I do. Well I have a sword ,so I'll wait until the Pally pulls then hit him with it, that ought to get his attention. Cool, problem solved. I found the easiest way to achieve this is to position yourself next to the Channeler but between him and the MT. Turn your camera so that you can watch the MT, and when you see the tank pull just hit you attack button. YAY you've just picked up the Channeler.

So phase one goes well, so well in fact that all the channelers were dead before Maggy started attacking. We're rocking and rolling, Yeah Baby! /wipe.

It turns out that clicky business with the psychedelic boxes must be Important. Look at what happens when it goes wrong. I'm sure glad I didn't have to do it.

Magtheridon Take 2.

We rez rebuff, and set up to go again. And again phase one goes increadably well, but come phase two. Splat, maggy does it again.

That clicky business is really important. Turns out one of those cube clicky people died while channeling. Hello repair city population us.

Magtheridon Take 3.

Ok now I'm comfortable with my role in this encounter. I tank my Channeler, then start Intervening at and Taunting Infernals just because it's fun, those warlocks had their job down to a T. I don't think I tanked any Infernal for more than 3-4 seconds before it was feared or banished. Low and behold those clicky people had it down to now. No blast waves for us, oh no. Hell two of them even died during the fight and their backups took over without a hitch.

We get all the way to phase 3 where the roof starts to fall on people. Now at this stage I have understandably become a bit overconfident. I've done the hard part of my job, the clicky people are doing theirs, all I have to do now is move when that roof is falling on me. Simple, I even have an addon that tells me when I'm having the rocks dropped on me. And sure enough as soon as the cave in's start happening I get a warning that it's targeting me, so I move.

Problem solved Right?


Yep thats me face down on the floor after being one shotted by a rock ... a rock!! 36000 damage o.O . Lesson for next time, when the roof starts falling on your head move far away, a little bit just wont cut it. My chagrin was mitigated some what when shortly after that another warrior was rockshotted (I like that word,it explains what happened quite well in my opinion. I made it up so it's mine. No touchy my word).

Anyway the rest of the raid goes about it's business doing that clicky thing, laying the dps smack down on dragon hieny and what not, and maggy goes down. Booya! Cheers all over vent and much jumping around was had by all. I joined in on the jumping after I got a rez, being unable to join in at first due to the unfortunate rockshotting incident.

Now it's loot time. None of the T4 warrior tokens dropped but thats alright since I have the new badge reward chest piece and would have passed on it anyway. But this kick ass polearm did drop. I didn't win the roll for off spec though. /sadwarriorface.

Hmmmm ... no T4 chest and no fancy new weapon, only one thing for it. I went and ninjad me the beasties head with a roll of 95 (p.s. whoever's dice I used, they were obviously not mine, mine don't roll that well, you not getting them back, they're just far too good). After a while I got tired of dragging the big smelly thing around and found me a guy in honor hold who wanted to stick it on a big stick, so I traded him for a nice dps ring.

Also I went to the big glowy thing in the terrace of light and it gave me this ring for killing maggy, but no title dagnabit.

In high spirits we went to have a shot at Doom Lord Kazzak, but he proved to be just too buggy for a decent go at him. It did however provide a nice scene with so many guildies in the air at one time.
That about wraps it up for todays adventures.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

A Quick Update!

I have managed to get the last two heroics done for my Title, so Maggy here I come.

I was rounded out of be by my flatmate who was telling me the Lady B was looking for me and that I had heroics to do. This took a minute or two to sink in since I am a very deep sleeper. But eventually it did and I was up and at 'em, or at least stumbling around the kitchen muttering to myself "cooooffeeeee .... must have coffeeeeee".

Finally caffeinated I get online and find out that Lady B had not managed to bribe a pally tank for the Shattered Halls run, having completely forgotten that she was going to (might have had something to do with the fact that she suggested this while falling asleep behind the healbot last night). So I tank SH pretending real hard that I'm a pally tank, and hoping the mobs were fooled.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hunter H. , and Lady B. for coming no that run since there was nothing for them there but the badges. Also Hunter H. chain trapped his little dwarven butt off sometimes chain trapping a mob in a circle twice around that main fight (This is not to take anything away from Birdy Hunter who also did a great job, but I delighted in giving hunter H. the hardest jobs to do). Of course I was in the center of the main fight destroying my nerves and sanity tanking up to four mobs at once. I really don't think the dps understand how hard it is for a warrior to tank four mobs.

I digress, we managed to do the instance inside the timer and rescue the prisoner completing that part of the quest. Then it was off to Shadow Labs, my most hated of all instances (and strangely it was Lady B's favorite, damn crazy priest). We muddled through and after one wipe on the third boss, caused by yours truly calling out the wrong direction to run in, and one wipe on Murmur we get quest done too.

Here's a picture of us visiting Murmur.
We down big 'n windy, and the mage pipes up that he still needs to do Steamvaults. So we do. we tear through that place in just over an hour. Leaving me a little time to write this post and get a snack before Maggy tonight.

All in all this guild is going to have more champions that you can shake a very large stick at, that is if everything goes well tonight.

So Until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

More Delays.

Damn! Just after getting linked by BigRedKitty, I start delaying my posts. I have good reason for delaying them, or at least I think so. I have been trying to get the "Trial of the Naruu" quests done in preparation for tomorrows (well todays at this stage) raid on maggy, which I have been lucky enough to get in on.

I want my title damn it. Just think tomorrow night it could be "Stuntyone Champion of the Naruu". Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? Well of course it's not as good as "Stuntyone The Incompetent Warrior" but you can't expect blizzard to have come up with such an epic title, so I will just have to make do. That is if I can get the last two Instances done before the raid. It's going to be finger bitingly close.

Wish me luck, oh and stay tuned for the adventures of Lady B the sleepy priest. I tell you she has it in for us warriors.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior (and possibly Champion of the Naruu) signing off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My new title Image and my second comic will be delayed due to THIS ****ING PC. It keeps crashing on me and I only have about 5 or 6 programs running at once. But the point is I keep loosing all my hard work by being too lazy/forgetful to save regularly. Will keep you posted on my progress (bad pun I know, but I couldn't resist).

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Frustrated Incompetent Lazy Warrior signing off.

Guest Speaker Wanted.

I have wanted to talk about something for the last while but can't.


Because I don't know a damn thing about it thats why.

That subject is healing. All I know about healing is, that when some big nasty hurts me, some very nice person throws a heal on me. Now this very basic understanding of how healers operate has done me fine so far, but I want to know more.

So if your one of those squish healing people and wouldn't mind writing a bit about how healers do their thang, feel free to e-mail me a post about how you guys do it. Chances are that it will end up on the blog.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent warrior signing off.

(Muhahahahaha! Good thinking Stunty. This way you can learn more and get a hassle free post out of it. What do you mean it's still recording? ... Crap!)

Wipe Aggro.

I just don't get it. I know it's a problem for some people, sometimes a big problem, but not for me. I can, and have, wiped for hours on end on the same boss never getting bored. The reasons for this may be the same reasons why I play the game, and have continued to for so long. Lets look at some of the reasons people play WoW.

Loot: Yeah loots nice but it doesn't really float my boat. Don't get me wrong I'm never going to turn down an upgrade, but I'm sure as hell not going to throw a hissy fit because I lost a roll.

New Content: This is more along my general line of interest. I love to see new content, but then again I love to run the instances I've done a score of times already. So thats not quite it.

Other People: Now we're talking. This I think is it. World of Warcraft is an MMO, thats Massively Multiplayer Online, the operative word for me being Multiplayer. The reason I have continued to play WoW for over a year when the normal life span of any game I play is three month, is because of the interaction with other players. It's just what I love about the game.

Let me give you an example.

The other day I got a whisper from a friend of mine asking if I would tank Zul'Aman for his guild as one of their tanks had to go. I turned him down at first, not because I didn't want to, (I had played with lots of people in his guild and really enjoyed it) but because I was speced for dps and didn't have the gold to respec. I hadn't done my dailies in about a week at this stage so my bank balance was looking pretty grim, and this whisper came just as I was trying to do some of them. He then offered to pay for the respec so I accepted. Now this guy makes gold hand over fist so I didn't feel too bad taking the gold, and it was a good thing he gave me the gold for a respec to prot and back to dps, because I was to spend over 56 gold on repair bills by the end of the night. I wouldn't have been able to afford to repair otherwise.

To cut a long story short (I know it's not something I normally do) we spent the next two hours wiping on the first boss. Now none of us in the raid had done ZA before so it was bound to be a bit rocky, not to mention that some of the raid members were a bit under geared for the instance, and now that I think about it there were only two healers and the Boomkin in his healing gear, so I'm impressed that we did as well as we did.

In fact the only reason we wiped on the last attenpt was because at 46% the Boomkin went oom, and I died. I was tanking the the boss in his bear form and the boomkins HoT's were keeping me up through the silences. So he goes oom = I go splat. after that we had to give up as some of us (me included) had work in the morning and it was getting pretty late.

At one point during the two hour wipe fest a curious guild officer asked if I was puging ZA, since I was the only person from the guild in there. I told him what was going on while doing a corpse run, adding jokingly "Biiig mistake.". And it wasn't a mistake, I was having fun, playing with people I like, seeing new content, and learning about the encounter. We were getting better each and every time we tried him.

Well the moral of this long, rambling, incoherent post is that if you are one of those people that suffers from wipe aggro, just take a deep breath, and think about why your playing the game, and if downing bosses in the shortest amount of time possible features heavily in it, then you may just be playing the game for the wrong reasons.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank you BigRedKitty.

I just want to say thanks to BRK for linking my blog in his last post, and right at the top of the list too. I had 300 hits in the first day. /Boggle

Being linked from BRK's massively popular sight feels rather like a coming of age for me as a blogger. I can only hope one day to become a good enough story teller to be added to the list of BRK Reads. If that should occur, leaching off BRK's popularity will set me on the blogging gravy train. Yeah Baby!

In celebration I shall be staying up late to night to write a number of posts which will be available tomorrow... oh and finishing the new title image I have been meaning to get around to.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Back. YAY

Stuntyone has crawled his way back to civilization after his tree trimming WoW hiatus.

You know what that means?

That means I have a whole lot of blogging to catch up on. Fortunately I was given a bit of inspiration as soon as I logged on.

Yesterday after spending several hours on different buses making my way back to my beloved pc and it's Internet connection, I logged on and found that some nice person had signed me up for yesterdays kara run, and just to make things better I was going as dps ... again.

Now I may be the "Incompetent Warrior", but I don't like to make the same mistakes twice (not unless they are really really funny) oh no. I like to go off and find a set of completely new mistakes to make. Thats just how I roll.

The Raid.

We have a few problems getting the group together as two of the regular members can't make it and there was a Tempest Keep raid happening at the same time (unfortunately I don't have the raider rank so I can't sign up to any raids that the guild doesn't have on farm). After a while we manage to get 10 people together and the raid kicks off. We storm through the trash to the huntsman, well with one wipe that nobody was quite sure how it happened. But anyway we make it in plenty of time and start the fight.

It was executed flawlessly (lets face it it's not the most complex of fights to get right) and we had only one casualty, yep you guessed it, me. Having learned from last week I was careful about my threat, even going so far as to back off for a few seconds when I got close to the MT's threat, that was until it came time to Execute.

Now we warriors love execute. It provides a massive damage boost towards the end of a boss fight. What I forgot was that it also provides a massive threat boost towards the end of the fight. So there I was Executing my little warrior heart out completely oblivious to my threat.


That mean ol' boss just turned around and made me into a dwarven pancake. Of course he died seconds later but that didn't get rid of the /headdesk feeling. I mean I had just managed to mess up on the easiest of the karazhan bosses.

It wasn't my fault. Really it wasn't, those big numbers had me hypnotized. I mean a combination of Scrolling Combat Text and four digit numbers, how could I resist?

Tell me you wouldn't have done the same.

You wouldn't?



I have given moroes his own section because we were running without any shackles and only one hunter for cc. We did however have with us a feral druid and a dps warrior with good prot gear. So whats the plan Raid leader? So the MT and OT will tank moroes and the prot warrior add the hunter will trap the retribution paladin add, I will tank the Shadow priest add and the feral druid will tank the last add (I can't remember what it was and the reason why will become clear soon). The kill order was Shadow priest, ret pally (who I was also to tank), druids add, moroes, then prot warrior.

At the start of the raid the raid leader had asked me to go get my prot gear for this purpose, I had other ideas. Let me introduce you to the subtle tanking style I refer to as "STUNTY SMASH!".

I stay in my dps gear and deselect Blessing of Salvation. This little act I refer to as "unleashing the beast". The pull starts, I bloodrage with it's cool new sound effect and Intercept at the Shadow Priest add.

Silly squishy cloth wearing person, did you think you could stand up to the mighty Stunty-Axe combo?



The priest goes down like she was hit by a runaway truck (we had some great dps that day), and I run in a small circle around her corpse wanting to hit her some more, my overloaded brain then latches onto the "hit other stuff" part of the plan and I intercept at the trapped paladin.


The Pally takes a little longer to go down as, being a sensible person, had put plate mail on when he got up that morning. This however was not enough to save him from the "smash" part of my cunning technique. By the time he's down my mind has become so addled by the big numbers flying left and right all over my screen that I don't even know what the druid is tanking. But I hit it anyway.


The whatever-it-was goes down and I'm still coherent enough to remember that I'm supposed to start hitting moroes next. But whats this? The prot warrior add placed so conveniently close to moroes?


I start popping Whirlwind, Sweeping Strikes, and Cleave whenever I can, and turning on the warrior whenever Moroes does his disappearing act. Warrior goes down moroes goes down and I start jumping around the room looking for more to smash. It was then I looked at my action bars and realized that I had never popped Recklessness. Even with the tanks having so long to build threat on moroes that I could never have overtaken them I still hadn't used my biggest damage boost button. Those big numbers I tells ya. Theys bad for me... what am I saying. Theys so pretty how could they be bad for me? No, no, there must be some other explanation.

We go and do maiden, fairly standard, and I remember to use Recklessness this time. I even at one point ran away because I was on low health to put a bandage on. Got a heal instead. Booya! And I just keep on cooking, or hitting actually but you get the point. Then we move on to the opera event.

The Opera Event.

We test to see which event we had and it turned out we had the Crone. This was where we fell down last week, but this time we brought a 'lock.

The Raid leader comes out with the battle plan. 'Lock fears Roar, MT tanks Tinman, OT tanks Strawman, Nuke down Dorothy and Stunty picks up Tito. The nice shaman in my group pipes up saying that Heroism will be used early to help nuke Dorothy. /gleefulhandrubbing.

I deselect BoS to help me pick up Tito. The fight starts and I lay into Dorothy, skipping the occasional Slam to build up some extra rage.

Wait for it .... wait for it ... wait for it... Heroism. I pop Recklessness and Death Wish.


You should have seen the numbers fly. It was a glorious sight. I fear I even got a little emotional.

Dorothy goes down a few seconds after Tito spawns, (like I said we had Great dps that day) meaning I had to tear myself away from getting in a last execute to go kick a puppy. As soon as Dorothy goes down I call out on voice chat. " All on Tito now." Not wanting any of my dps buddies to miss out on the puppy punting fun.

I start calling out the next target after each one goes down, not because anyone else needed reminding, but for my own personal reassurance that I was on the right target. I knew if I got it wrong I would be corrected and sent staggering in a dps induced haze towards the correct mob.

We down the crone (on a side note why am I always standing right where the tornado spawns?) and decide to call it a night. I'm more than happy as I have has so much unrestrained dps fun that I'm not actually sure I could handle anymore.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something New.

Sorry this saturday post is late but I was exhausted after work and was just not able to make any of my posts work, so I tried something new. Let me know what you think.

P.S. for the next few days I will be pruning trees in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection. This unfortunately means that there will be no posts until at least Wednesday. I'm sorry that real life has to interfere with my blogging, but theres just no helping it.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm Ruined!

Ok so it's after midnight and technically this is a Friday post. Something I said I would never do, just consider it a bonus, or a slightly late additional Thursday post and be done with it. Just don't expect more.

I do a lot of tanking. I tank when I group with people and I tank when I PvP, but in secret, when nobody was looking I have been working on my PvE dps set.


Not so loud, they might hear you.

I have garnered a whole bunch of off spec dps gear while tanking to replace some of my S1 (Welfare) PvP gear I was using for it. And I'm quite proud of my handy work. I'm hit capped, I have over 1700 unbuffed attack power, and just under 32% crit chance in Battle Stance.

It however came as a bit of a surprise that for the past two days I have been a very lucky warrior. I have gotten to play as dps WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Can you believe it? I was in a group and a raid and I wasn't a tank. Well sort of ... at least I wasn't meant to be ... and wasn't ... or not for very long at least.

Ok, I can see your going to need a more organized, and rational explanation than that. It's just that ... well ... it's a little embarrassing thats all.

Lets start at the beginning and all will soon become clear.

Day 1 - Karazhan.

I'm part of the newly formed Kara group 4 in my guild, and In the first week one of each of the other tanks couldn't make one of the two raid nights, so I ran as a tank. Nothing new there I've done it before. We did pretty well too, in the two days we got to prince with a newly formed group, and only failed to down him due to highly unlucky Infernal drops.

On to week two, raid day one.

Whats this?

Both of the other tanks can make it, and there's a free dps slot?

Whoohoo! /HappyWarriorDance

I run to the bank and blow the accumulated dust off my PvE dps set, run over to the Auction house and drop a bit of gold on the last two gems I need to be hit capped. I don't remember how much they cost, and at the time I couldn't care about the price. I was raiding as dps. Yeah Baby!

We down Attumen the Huntsman, with one embarrassing wipe, caused by a miscommunication between the tanks as to who was tanking what. Anyway we down him and move on to Moroes. I get to tank the add that needs killing, By hitting it with my big axe (I use a 33/28/0 spec). We have to reset due to adds resisting one to many frost traps and down him on the second go.

So your thinking "Ok Stunty whats the big deal. It's good to have a dps warrior on the Moroes adds.". Well yes it is, now be patient, I'm just setting the stage here. Enough with the interruptions damn it. The point is I've been doing a lot of tanking and I've just tanked something again, this can have a huge psychological effect on a warrior.

We work our way into the hallway leading to The Maidens room, and right off the bat we get a mistaken double pull. I hit a mob which then gets marked for shackles. Ok, no problem just stop hitting it. Well unfortunately when I hit it I scored a crit, which put a bleed effect on it.

Damn. I dotted the mob I'd better take the lumping it's wanting to dish out. So I call out on vent that I had dotted the mob and shackles goes onto a different one. Thanks to the stirling work of the two Shaman healers we had, I somehow manage to remain alive throughout the fight. Yet another mob tanked.

We work our way down to the maidens room. /wipe


As we were setting up in our positions on of the hunter pets aggros The Maiden, the hunter quickly hits feign Death and is one of the lucky few not to die. I ask you is there any justice in the world? No? I thought not.

We get back, rebuff, and set up properly. Then it's go time. The pally Mt starts off tanking The Maiden then the Warrior OT exceeds his threat and ends up tanking her. not for very long as the change in tanks catches the healers flat footed and he goes down. So now the Pally is tanking her again. Alright! Lets keep on cooking, or that was the plan anyway. You see during the double tank change over I had steadily been generating threat, and when the big girl was back on the pally I had already accumulated more than 90% of his threat. This ment that Omen didn't make it's lovely "Boom" noise to warn me that I was about to pull aggro. Yes, yes, I know I should have been watching the threat meter and not relying on the boom, but what comes next just makes it even worse.

The Maiden turns around and starts to hit me, and I think nothing of it, this is the normal state of affairs for me, so I just kept right on with my attack rotation. Then I notice my health jumping up and down like a kangaroo on a pogo stick, and realize what I've just done. Reflectively I hit the push-to-talk button as I say "Oh S***" to myself more than anyone else, let out a strangled "Help!" and die. There was just no way the the healers could have possibly kept a warrior with 350 defense, no shield, and crappy avoidance alive under those conditions. So I spent the rest of the fight staring up at the ceiling, reflecting on what I'd just done. Not to mention keeping my mouth shut and pretending it was just another case of over aggroing.

The maiden goes down and thus ends my inadvertent tanking escapades ... or so I thought.

Day 2 - Heroic Slave Pens.

No Karazhan today, not enough people signed up, but those of us from Group 4 that were online decide to do the daily heroic. This happened to be Slave Pens. A nice easy heroic, what could go wrong?

Did you just hear thunder outside?


Must have been my imagination then. Making comments like that could lead anyone to think they heard thunder and lightning heralding the fact that you just tempted fate.

Back on track. We get in and on only the second pull I intercept way out in front of the Pally tank and hit Whirlwind. I Realize my mistake immediately. The Ventrillo conversation that followed when like this.

(Stuntyone Intercepts and casts Whirlwind.)

Me ~Idiot~ : "Whoops".

(Stuntyone has Died, and rather rapidly I might add)

(The pull finishes without anymore deaths)

Captain Igloo ~Mage~ : "Stunty, what were you doing?" (In a rather exasperated voice)

(A short shame faced silence follows)

Me ~Still Idiot~ : "I thought I was the tank." (In a small voice that I'm sure conveyed my blush to all on vent)

(whole group, bar me, as I'm too busy blushing, laughs for a bit)

Captain Igloo : "Well now I know what that 'Whoops' was about." (you could hear the grin in her voice)

So the whole point of this post is that it appears I have been ruined for anything but tanking, although it's not going to stop me trying. :)

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent warrior signing off.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Incompetence Confirmed !!!!!

Oh dear, I knew somthing like this would happen sooner or later.

It turns out that I have confused the names of bosses in Gruuls Lair. *blush*

Whenever I refered to "Kiggler the Crazed" I actually meant "Olm the Summoner". But with my memory for names (and just about everything else) I had forgoten the name of Olm the Summoner and had somehow substituted it with Kigglers. I will correct this mistake ASAP (Translation: When I can be bothered), but in the mean time, rest asured, THE TITLE DOES NOT LIE!

Now I just have to go and hide myself somewhere until next time.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior slinking off in shame.

A Question of Curses.

I came across this post by a curious warlock in the warrior section on my guild forum.

I have some melee questions for warriors and other tanks. If you would have the talent to reduce the physical damage to all by 5%. Would you spend 5 points in that? That means you use 5 points to get 250 hit points lesser if you where hit for 5000 hit points. To me it looks very expensive to gain that minor advantage. Warlocks in our raids also discuss who is on Curse of Weakness duty, which reduce the targets attack power by 350 for 2 min. We can only have one curse on a mob for each warlock. Now if I’m not on CoS or CoE duty my Curse of Doom would deal around 11000 dmg every third minutes (thx to Amplify Curse with 3 min CD) and about 7000 dmg in between that when Amp Curse is on CD. So my question here is, would you say its worth to use CoW instead of dealing around 8000 more dmg per min? I also think it could be better using 2 point to improve CoW by 20% rather than use 5 point in shadow embrace for 5% lesser melee damage to the raid. So the big question is should we make them slightly softer or should we bring the down slightly quicker ?

This got me thinking and I went off and did a little research regarding the properties of Curse of Weakness vs Shadows Embrace from the perspective of a tank.

After much reading I found that the two main points are:

1) Armour is a percentage reduction on melee damage, and actually benefits from increasing returns damage reduction. This means that the higher the percentile reduction stacks the greater the returns per 1% added.

A warrior with 50% DR hit for 1000 damage would receive 500 damage.
A warrior with 51% DR hit for 1000 damage would receive 490 damage.
490/500*100 = 98%
So a 1% increase on 50% DR actually means that the warrior takes 2% less damage than he would have.

2) That pretty much each boss has a different correlation for Attack Power to damage dealt, which would mean that Curse of Weakness would have a greater or lesser effect depending apon which boss it was used on.

These points lead me to conclude that unless you can quantify the damage reduction that CoW would have on a particular boss as higher than 5%, Shadows Embrace would be a safer option than CoW if it came to a choice between the two.

If you would have the talent to reduce the physical damage to all by 5%. Would you spend 5 points in that?

Considering that Protection Warriors spen a manditory 5 points in Toughness (A skill which increases your armour value by 10% at max rank), and even though, after stacking an unskilled 50% damage reduction, this has a greater return than a straight 5%. Had I the option I would still alocate 5 points to a skill which reduced physical damage take by a straight 5%.

Well that about concludes it on the reaserch I have done, If anything is wrong with my theorising please let me know, as you know I make no clames at competence. Just read the blog name for confirmation on that. :)

And by the way I know that you can have both CoW and shadows embrace on the one mob.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PvP As Protection - Part 1

So your a tank but you want to grind honor for a PvP set, and you don't want to drop the gold for a respec. Well you'd better do something to make yourself useful, I mean come on your dps sucks dude, just admit it.

What do you do?

No no no! Just equipping your dps gear is not going to cut it. Yes I know that warriors are the most gear dependent of all classes, doing this leaves you with some skull cracking stats, but without all those lovely skull cracking skills. You gotta focus on what your good at.

So what are you good at?

Thats right, when it comes to not getting your skull cracked you have no equal. So now all you have to do if make this play to your advantage on the battle ground. Lets take a look at how we do this.

Warsong Gulch.

So what do we do in this battle ground?


No you could slow them down no problem, but kill the enemy flag carrier? You'd better have some nice dpsers with you on D.


Even worse this is where you need dps and CC and you just don't have either.


Thats the one. You see that flag in the enemy base? Go get it. It's yours and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. If the enemy has mounted a good defense your often the only thing tough enough to get out alive.

Heres how you do it. Charge or Intercept at the opponent nearest the flag and hamstring him. I find there is nothing like a Dwarf, wrapped in steel and traveling at high speed to disorient someone. Then flick into defensive stance for extra survivability and grab that flag don't stop, just click the flag as your running by and head for the exit. I find the tunnel is the best exit, as there is a chance of a speed boost, and if you get Feared or Deathcoiled there is a good chance you will keep running in the right direction anyway.

Keep going, don't let anything stop you. Also take any speed increases you can. An enemy in front of you? Intercept or charge at them and hamstring, then keep right on going. A friendly player in front of you? Intervene at him for a speed boost. And let people know where you are, if your under heavy attack you are going to need healing at some point and on a prot warrior a little healing goes a long way, But they can't heal you if they don't know where you are, and you cant rely on them looking at the map to find you. Cap the flag rinse and repeat.

Someone grabbed the flag before you got to it? Ok now you guard them, run interference. Hamstring everything in sight, Intercept at things for the stun effect, flick into defensive stance and Concussion Blow and generally make yourself as much a nuisance to the enemy as possible.

That just about concludes it for Warsong Gulch, and in the next installment I will be covering Arathi Basin.

So until tomorrow this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.