Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Back. YAY

Stuntyone has crawled his way back to civilization after his tree trimming WoW hiatus.

You know what that means?

That means I have a whole lot of blogging to catch up on. Fortunately I was given a bit of inspiration as soon as I logged on.

Yesterday after spending several hours on different buses making my way back to my beloved pc and it's Internet connection, I logged on and found that some nice person had signed me up for yesterdays kara run, and just to make things better I was going as dps ... again.

Now I may be the "Incompetent Warrior", but I don't like to make the same mistakes twice (not unless they are really really funny) oh no. I like to go off and find a set of completely new mistakes to make. Thats just how I roll.

The Raid.

We have a few problems getting the group together as two of the regular members can't make it and there was a Tempest Keep raid happening at the same time (unfortunately I don't have the raider rank so I can't sign up to any raids that the guild doesn't have on farm). After a while we manage to get 10 people together and the raid kicks off. We storm through the trash to the huntsman, well with one wipe that nobody was quite sure how it happened. But anyway we make it in plenty of time and start the fight.

It was executed flawlessly (lets face it it's not the most complex of fights to get right) and we had only one casualty, yep you guessed it, me. Having learned from last week I was careful about my threat, even going so far as to back off for a few seconds when I got close to the MT's threat, that was until it came time to Execute.

Now we warriors love execute. It provides a massive damage boost towards the end of a boss fight. What I forgot was that it also provides a massive threat boost towards the end of the fight. So there I was Executing my little warrior heart out completely oblivious to my threat.


That mean ol' boss just turned around and made me into a dwarven pancake. Of course he died seconds later but that didn't get rid of the /headdesk feeling. I mean I had just managed to mess up on the easiest of the karazhan bosses.

It wasn't my fault. Really it wasn't, those big numbers had me hypnotized. I mean a combination of Scrolling Combat Text and four digit numbers, how could I resist?

Tell me you wouldn't have done the same.

You wouldn't?



I have given moroes his own section because we were running without any shackles and only one hunter for cc. We did however have with us a feral druid and a dps warrior with good prot gear. So whats the plan Raid leader? So the MT and OT will tank moroes and the prot warrior add the hunter will trap the retribution paladin add, I will tank the Shadow priest add and the feral druid will tank the last add (I can't remember what it was and the reason why will become clear soon). The kill order was Shadow priest, ret pally (who I was also to tank), druids add, moroes, then prot warrior.

At the start of the raid the raid leader had asked me to go get my prot gear for this purpose, I had other ideas. Let me introduce you to the subtle tanking style I refer to as "STUNTY SMASH!".

I stay in my dps gear and deselect Blessing of Salvation. This little act I refer to as "unleashing the beast". The pull starts, I bloodrage with it's cool new sound effect and Intercept at the Shadow Priest add.

Silly squishy cloth wearing person, did you think you could stand up to the mighty Stunty-Axe combo?



The priest goes down like she was hit by a runaway truck (we had some great dps that day), and I run in a small circle around her corpse wanting to hit her some more, my overloaded brain then latches onto the "hit other stuff" part of the plan and I intercept at the trapped paladin.


The Pally takes a little longer to go down as, being a sensible person, had put plate mail on when he got up that morning. This however was not enough to save him from the "smash" part of my cunning technique. By the time he's down my mind has become so addled by the big numbers flying left and right all over my screen that I don't even know what the druid is tanking. But I hit it anyway.


The whatever-it-was goes down and I'm still coherent enough to remember that I'm supposed to start hitting moroes next. But whats this? The prot warrior add placed so conveniently close to moroes?


I start popping Whirlwind, Sweeping Strikes, and Cleave whenever I can, and turning on the warrior whenever Moroes does his disappearing act. Warrior goes down moroes goes down and I start jumping around the room looking for more to smash. It was then I looked at my action bars and realized that I had never popped Recklessness. Even with the tanks having so long to build threat on moroes that I could never have overtaken them I still hadn't used my biggest damage boost button. Those big numbers I tells ya. Theys bad for me... what am I saying. Theys so pretty how could they be bad for me? No, no, there must be some other explanation.

We go and do maiden, fairly standard, and I remember to use Recklessness this time. I even at one point ran away because I was on low health to put a bandage on. Got a heal instead. Booya! And I just keep on cooking, or hitting actually but you get the point. Then we move on to the opera event.

The Opera Event.

We test to see which event we had and it turned out we had the Crone. This was where we fell down last week, but this time we brought a 'lock.

The Raid leader comes out with the battle plan. 'Lock fears Roar, MT tanks Tinman, OT tanks Strawman, Nuke down Dorothy and Stunty picks up Tito. The nice shaman in my group pipes up saying that Heroism will be used early to help nuke Dorothy. /gleefulhandrubbing.

I deselect BoS to help me pick up Tito. The fight starts and I lay into Dorothy, skipping the occasional Slam to build up some extra rage.

Wait for it .... wait for it ... wait for it... Heroism. I pop Recklessness and Death Wish.


You should have seen the numbers fly. It was a glorious sight. I fear I even got a little emotional.

Dorothy goes down a few seconds after Tito spawns, (like I said we had Great dps that day) meaning I had to tear myself away from getting in a last execute to go kick a puppy. As soon as Dorothy goes down I call out on voice chat. " All on Tito now." Not wanting any of my dps buddies to miss out on the puppy punting fun.

I start calling out the next target after each one goes down, not because anyone else needed reminding, but for my own personal reassurance that I was on the right target. I knew if I got it wrong I would be corrected and sent staggering in a dps induced haze towards the correct mob.

We down the crone (on a side note why am I always standing right where the tornado spawns?) and decide to call it a night. I'm more than happy as I have has so much unrestrained dps fun that I'm not actually sure I could handle anymore.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Icywarz said...

You got some linkage today! I know how ya feel though. The numbers are sexy, no? If you ever roll a hunter you'd know I(and probely most others) feel very emotional when we go big n' red n' dangerous! We not only get to feed our kitty, but look cool doin' it!

Execute = haxzorz lol
needs a 3 minute cooldown or something

Anonymous said...

Hey Stunty,
love the new sig!