Monday, May 5, 2008

A Little Social Hint.

Damn I promised you a daily post didn't I, and none of my works in progress have turned into the timeless classics I hope they will become :)

In fact the Night of doubles has been scrapped as I can no longer remember enough of the details to make it interesting. What I will tell you is that it was 25 games plagued by Pally-Pally ,Rogue-Rogue and *shudders* Mage-Mage. The only positive things to come out of it was that we trashed the Warrior-Druid we faced and kitty finally got his Insignia of the alliance. I will have to do these posts right after the matches just to make sure the get done before my goldfish like memory kicks in.

Any way I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a story about an incident in my last guild. There was a guy who had decided he didn't particularly like this woman in the guild. One day he was chatting with another woman in the guild and decided to tell her of his dislike for the first woman. As it turns out he was talking to the same woman on her main. The result was not pleasant.

So if you find you don't like someone in your guild either keep quiet about it and avoid them, or let them know you have a problem with them. But for the love of god don't go telling other guildies that you don't like them unless your very sure you know all their alts.

p.s. and before you ask no it was not me who made this horrendous social booboo

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