Sunday, May 4, 2008

Daily Posting.

Am I really going to do it?

Yes. Yes I think I am.

From now on I shall be posting daily, no buts, no excuses ... except Fridays, no posts on Fridays, a mans gotta have a little down time.

This was prompted by the ever growing list of posts in production. I was looking them over and I said to myself "Stunty old boy, it's about bloody time you got these done.", so from now on I shall be pumping out a minimum of one post a day .... except, like I said on Fridays.

Is everyone clear on that? No posts Fridays.


kast said...

7 posts a week, cool, can't wait ;)

Lau said...

Indeed :)

Hoolie/Banshee said...

hey, what happened to Sundays post...?? lol

Stuntyone said...

1. it's only 6 post a week ... NO POSTS FRIDAY!!!!

2. That was sundays post as it was done at 4am :)

Hoolie said...

lol, i thought as much, what with your coffee adiction and inability to sleep at 'normal' times mate :))