Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Thoughts And Comic

These are a few thing I thought of today.

1) on banhammer : The Banhammer is a cruel and unforgiving overlord.

2) on beards : Having a beard is like having a pet that gets fed when you do.

3) on beards : It is impossible to eat an ice cream with a beard and retain any dignity.

4) on comments : Why don't you people leave comments. seeing "0 comments" under a post makes me a sad warrior :(

5) on walking : Walking home from work is what allows me to think these messed up thoughts.

6) on blogging : Some crazy person has actually added me to his blogroll o.O

7) on healers : During an instance is not the right time to tease your healer, unless of course you like lying face down on the dungeon floor hoping the the squishy pile you landed in is not what you think it is.

8) on healers : The difference between a melee priest and a melee hunter is this:

Until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Banshee said...

All i can say on the healing-front is that, I am fairly sick of the frequent, 'NEED HEALING NOW' macros that people institute.
DO I as a healer, ask Tanks to 'shield bash now', or dps'ers to 'Interrupt Now', or 'Do more DPS now', no i dont think so.
I am the person who has a decent grasp on healing tactics, and decide acording to the situation, who needs to live and who i may have to ignore for a while, until the situatiuon has stabilised.
Maybe i should have a macro or two, for those DPS junkies who flaut the laws of aggro-management, and expect the poor healer to help them out getting to the top of the damage meters at the end of a raid, or 5 man.
I can think of a few choice ones right now..... :)
I dont know what the experts would say but on some runs ive had the tank taking 75-80% of the damage in a heroic, and other times nearer 50%. I know every group and every siuation is different, AoE's, splash damage etc.and the sheer number of people in a 25 man all create big changes. But still over the course of an entire raid, 25, or 10 man or heroic, what % of damage should the tank be taking. As opposed to the rest of the group, in these scenarios??

Dune said...

Heh, you're welcome for the add to the blogroll. You can thank BRK for it...I found your site through his post. Liked what I read, so on the roll you go! :D

Chris said...

When do you proposed we work up our mace skills? Sometimes us healers want to kill stuff too ya know!

Banshee said...

Chris is right. I actually found that out the wrong way once.
After getting the healing mace from Prince, i merrily went on my little way to Skettis to do the bombing daily (Epic flight FTW!) in my healing gear.
To cut a long story short, I rapidly discovered (having stuck to staffs for almost all of my levelling), that my 1H mace skill was in single digits, due to the intervention of one of those hated Kaliri, which kept breaking my entangling roots spell whenver i sent adamaging spell its way.
So ensued one of the longest non instance fights of my life as I suddenly thought to myself, 'OK B, this is a chance to get that skill up a bit', /takes-a-deep-breath-and-plunges-in.
After getting thru a fair bit of mana, !H mace skill is now about 220, not there I know, and probably useless in the vast majority of situations, but still... made me happy :)

Pippy said...

Heh, I my first thought about the two panels was that they needed to be reversed : )

Stuntyone said...

@ Banshee, That reminds me of the time I went to do a bit of grinding with my brand spanking new sword ... only to realize that my skill in swords was one. Hello repair bill.

@ Pippy, remember this is from the tanks perspective so my healer getting stuck in to the mob I'm tanking instead of healing me is needless to say a little worrying :)

Also I see the melee hunter far too often to be anything but depressed by it :(