Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raiding Again, But As ... WHAT ?!? o.O

Lately Lady B. has been at me to sign up to one of the Tempest Keep raids. Now I wasn't going to because I don't have the Raider rank needed to sign up for Tier 5 raids, but Lady B kept at me and she got her own way (as she usually does, damn but I've got to build up some kind of resistance to her). I went to the guilds warrior class leader first to ask if I could, he said yes. That settled I signed up for the next TK raid.

I logged on to the guild forum this morning to check out the latest posts and the TK line up was posted. I take a look at the list of tanks, damn I'm not in there, oh well I'd been half expecting that. I am quite under geared compared to the usually raiding tanks, and it was Al'ar who they'd only just downed last week. Only mildly disappointed I scroll down the list to see who else is going.


Whats this ??? (It's your name)*

Is it really in the list pf dps ??? (yes it is)*

Have I gone mad ??? (quite possible)*

Has the world gone mad ??? (even more likely when you look at the evidence)*

Bloody hell, I think I need a quick lie down. (probably a good idea)*

*these comments were made by the small part of my mind that tends to keep it's head in a crisis ... it's a very small part.

Well needless to say I was stunned. I didn't think I really had the gearing to go as dps. After a while of pacing back and forth, occasionally refreshing the page to make sure that it wasn't a mistake, I log on to check with the warrior class leader (I don't disturb the guild leader with these things we have a warrior class leader for a reason). Finally the WCL logs on and asks to see my gear as I'm listed under dps for the raid. I make my reservations known to him, slap on my dps gear and parade up and down in front of him for inspection, trying to look extra fierce in case it helps my chances. Let me tell you looking fierce as a Dwarf ain't easy since you only come up to a humans navel. I waved my axe around a lot to try and compensate. He asked me for a few numbers then suggested a few upgrades, but in the end I passed muster and got the go ahead.

Yeah Baby!! Stunty in a big boy raid as dps, have all my dreams come true? Not only that but I got the ok to run as 33/28/0 ms/slam, (my favorite dps spec) since I would be on the adds with two rouges and the 4% extra physical damage would help down them faster. One more time, Yeah Baby!

Now all I've got to do is get my ass in gear and get the last couple of enchants I'm missing.

p.s. I will later be giving a break down of why I use that version of the 33/28/0 build

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Dune said...

Congrats on making the cut for the raid!

Looking forward to seeing your writeup on your build. To be honest, I never really use slam. I'm sure it probably hurts my dps not including it in my rotation, but I dunno...It is just one of those skills that I don't particularly like, therefore I never use it. So I look forward to hearing how you work with it, and who knows, maybe you can change my mind on it :P

Stuntyone said...

Slam is God for raiding ms warrior.

All bow before the mighty Slam :P

Having said that I WILL give a full and detailed report on why this is so.