Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PvP As Protection - Part 1

So your a tank but you want to grind honor for a PvP set, and you don't want to drop the gold for a respec. Well you'd better do something to make yourself useful, I mean come on your dps sucks dude, just admit it.

What do you do?

No no no! Just equipping your dps gear is not going to cut it. Yes I know that warriors are the most gear dependent of all classes, doing this leaves you with some skull cracking stats, but without all those lovely skull cracking skills. You gotta focus on what your good at.

So what are you good at?

Thats right, when it comes to not getting your skull cracked you have no equal. So now all you have to do if make this play to your advantage on the battle ground. Lets take a look at how we do this.

Warsong Gulch.

So what do we do in this battle ground?


No you could slow them down no problem, but kill the enemy flag carrier? You'd better have some nice dpsers with you on D.


Even worse this is where you need dps and CC and you just don't have either.


Thats the one. You see that flag in the enemy base? Go get it. It's yours and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. If the enemy has mounted a good defense your often the only thing tough enough to get out alive.

Heres how you do it. Charge or Intercept at the opponent nearest the flag and hamstring him. I find there is nothing like a Dwarf, wrapped in steel and traveling at high speed to disorient someone. Then flick into defensive stance for extra survivability and grab that flag don't stop, just click the flag as your running by and head for the exit. I find the tunnel is the best exit, as there is a chance of a speed boost, and if you get Feared or Deathcoiled there is a good chance you will keep running in the right direction anyway.

Keep going, don't let anything stop you. Also take any speed increases you can. An enemy in front of you? Intercept or charge at them and hamstring, then keep right on going. A friendly player in front of you? Intervene at him for a speed boost. And let people know where you are, if your under heavy attack you are going to need healing at some point and on a prot warrior a little healing goes a long way, But they can't heal you if they don't know where you are, and you cant rely on them looking at the map to find you. Cap the flag rinse and repeat.

Someone grabbed the flag before you got to it? Ok now you guard them, run interference. Hamstring everything in sight, Intercept at things for the stun effect, flick into defensive stance and Concussion Blow and generally make yourself as much a nuisance to the enemy as possible.

That just about concludes it for Warsong Gulch, and in the next installment I will be covering Arathi Basin.

So until tomorrow this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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