Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's the truth I swear.

Last night just for the hell of it I went into Black Temple with a few other crazy people just to have fun wiping on the trash, and can you believe that we managed to find 25 people willing and eager to go wipe on BT trash at 1:30 am game time? Well we did.

Here's some of the Crazy Raiders
It all started while I was playing on my little warlock alt in another guild when one of their members suggested forming a raid of a few people and going into BT for the laugh. I switched over to Stuntyone immediately, this sounded like too much fun to pass up. What started as a few people soon snowballed into a full 25 man raid group as friends and friends of friends were called upon.

The foolish people put me in charge of organizing the raid groups, so of course I made sure that I was in a proper melee group :). With everything as sorted as you could hope to manage with a PuG 25 man raid we started to test the trash.

I think we bit off more than we could chew.

This scene was repeated often. However we were all having a great time and chatter and lol's were rampant. I just wish I'd taken a screen shot of the reaction after I suggested we "Hit stuff and see what happens", it got a much better response than it deserve due to the entire raid being giddy. My "We Were Not Prepared ... not even for the trash." comment also got a good response.

Then after sneaking around and finding a different group to pick on, the most amazing thing happened. The mobs (after killing a third of the raid, me included) stopped randomly one shotting people and settled on the surviving tanks. I targeted the mob marked with skull, and immediately started screaming into Voice Chat.
" Come on people he's at 50%. KILL KILL KILL"
"40% keep it up!"
"20%!! You can do it!"
" 15%, 12% 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1%"
"All on X! You can do it!"
And so on cheering my fellow crazys on, until finally when the last mob goes down.
The Voice Chat and raid chat explode like we just downed Illidan himself.

We have a bit more fun wiping, but it gets to 3:30 game time and we have to call it as people are already having to leave. I felt a little guilty afterwards because I was the only one to get a useful piece of loot from it (apart from a couple of Marks of the Illidari) I got and learned the Design for Mystical Skyfire Diamond's.

Anyway I can now say I have set foot in Black Temple, and even killed a few things.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Amava said...

Outstanding. So much more fun to read a story like this, celebrating a courageous adventure to kill a few trash mobs, rather than hearing about some quasi-professional guild of players stomping through content, and hating all 24 people around them as "holding them back".

Your story is inspirational.

A few months back, when our guild had only 10 people raiding in Kara, and a giant pile of DPS players with no patience or discipline getting more and more disgruntled each week. In an attempt to improve morale, we put a Mag's Lair raid on the calendar. No idea why we picked Mags over Gruuls, but WOW. 4 pulls of 3 trash mobs each. We got smashed so hard, other than the 10 or so gquits over the next few days, we didn't have any more complaints about not raiding.

The other 15 who stayed in the guild were so excited to just kill those 12 trash mobs and then get simply pasted into the ground by pre-nerf Maggy. I actually think the mobs in the boss encounter took a grand total of 25 swings to kill the 25-man raid. But the positive energy from the experience carried us for weeks.

Stuntyone said...

See wiping = progress. I always knew my propensity for finding trouble would come in handy :)

On a more serious note you are much better off without those that did Gquit ... just trust me on that one.

The incompetent Warrior.