Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Al'ar Down, Yeah Baby!

Today when I joined the raid I thought to myself, theres no possible way I can top the dps meter. Well you know what? I was right. I only ended up putting out a steady 615 dps averaged over the instance.

I went down to the summoning stone early since I had nothing better to do and killed a few warp beasts for buff food (which I still have to cook). Then the raid starts filling up so we head inside and wait for the last one or two. They arrive and we buff up.

Ok it's only the trash, I've read up on these guys so there will be no problem, whirl wind = bad so I just move. Cool every things sorted.

Can you guess who the first person to die on the trash is?

You got it in one.

Thats right first pull and I screw up, well at least I'm consistent. When it came time to move away from one of the whirl winding adds I accidentally hit "r". so the last person I whispered before going into the instance got a message that went something like this:
"From Stuntyone: ewasdweeeewsddddwadd"
This loosely translated mean "Oh S### I just died."

The trash is a bit frustrating for me because there are so many sheeped mobs around, meaning I couldn't hit Whirl Wind most of the time in case I started making lamb chops :( ... but they look so tasty.

Anyway there are only a few pulls before Al'ar, and after those Windserpents have a bit of fun playing Pinball with the dwarf it's time for the main event (I just wish I'd gotten a few screen shots of the pinball fun, I promise to get them next time).

The Pally tank, two hunters, a rogue and myself were assigned to deal with the adds. There was some confusion as to whether or not stunning the adds just before they die stops them from exploding. As it turns out it does not. So after being thrown across the room a few times (which was actually quite fun to be honest), I decide that I'll get one execute in the run for my life. Those explosions were doing between 9-10k when you added in falling damage.

This went well for all of Phase One with the birdies going down fast enough for us to have a bit of down time before the next ones. Then only about a third of the way into Phase Two (if that) disaster strikes.

The Pally tank was tanking two as usual when a late but big Execute crit lands on the the first of the birds, which meant I didn't have quite enough time to get away before the explosion.

BOOM! The pally and I go flying in different directions, this in itself was alright since I had about 12.5K HP and could survive the blast and the fall. The big problem I had was that somehow I ended up with aggro from the second little birdie. With that Flapping, Fiery, F###er beating on me there was just no way the healers could get my health up in time for the next explosion. This was in no way helped by my continuing to beat the crap out of it.

The pally has no charge and my health is jumping between 10-30% mark like an overexcited child with a paddle ball. By the time I'm able to execute I've decided it's better for me and it to be dead than for just me to be dead and it running around loose.

EXECUTE BABY!! I spam that button like it was giving out free money. BOOM! I go down hard, but with a smile on my face, those big number really are pretty :).

Now there was no combat rez available for me because by the time I died there had already been two other fatalities and the rogue died at the same time as me. The decision was made to use the last available combat rez on him. I couldn't disagree since he put out better dps than I did (but only just since he'd respeced for Cloak of Shadows and that gimped his dps). So I spent the rest of the fight watching from my back on the floor. It really is a visually stunning encounter.

After I died all hell seemed to break loose with people dieing left, right and center. I kept waiting for the wipe, but it just never happened. The remaining people got control of the situation and finished Al'ar off by killing the adds (he loses 3% health every time one dies). Pretty amazing stuff when you take a look at how many were left in the end.

But in the end all was good, and Al'ar was one shotted. I even got most of the raid to line up for a screnie. Theres always a couple that just wont move :(.

No loot dropped for me, but that was expected since Al'ar doesn't actually have any loot for an MS/Slam warrior (for fury yes, for me no). Grats again to all those in the raid that got some of that shinny loot :)

Hmmm ... we'd only planned to do Al'ar and we one shot that pigeon.

What do we do now?

Gruuls? No that wouldn't be fair on those who signed up for it tomorrow.

SSC? Same thing for wednesday.

PvP? Ok lets give that a go.

We have a bit of fun in the BG's. And can you believe it? Some of the raiders that came had never experienced the frustration ... I mean the fun ... that is AV?

While I'm waiting in the cue for AV the guild has a little surprise in store for me. Stuntys got Raider Rank... Yeah Baby! All in all it's been a great night for me :)

So in the end we do a couple of typical AV's (meaning we lost), one great AB which we one by a large margin, and completely trounce two EotS's before I log off to write this post.

Here's me and Ej chilling in one of the towers. I'm in such a good mood that I'm taking it easy on the horde ... no really look ... I've got my little axe out.

EotS and Noggenfogger Elixers ... is there a better combinaion? This makes you harder to target and has the added bonus of making you look like your riding a kitten.

Oh well it's back to protection for me as I'm listed as one of the tanks for Gruuls Lair tomorrow.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Dune said...

Congrats on the promotion and take down! And thanks for he good luck wishes...Can really use them :D

Elixile said...

Seriously though, I can't believe how we pulled it off with half of us dead. Always good fun.

Congrats on Promotion big guy. Well Deserved.