Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Title For Stunty!

Now don't get the wrong idea we killed Maggy alright, I completed the quest, and even got the Fire resist ring. What I have not done however is kill Nightbane. No Nightbane, no title. /headdesk

No title for Stunty. /Cry /ChildishTantrum /BreakInexpensiveObjects

Now that I have that out of the way I can get on with the post.

I log back on after having my snack and get invited into the raid. I make my way to the summoning stone greet the few people that are there, dance with them, fly around upside down, you know the usual. Then the raid fills up so Lady B. and I start summoning people to the top of the summoning stone (a little quirk, but it makes me happy).

We all pile into the instance, buff up (The pally tank ends up with 19K hp after buffs /jealous), work out tanking marks, healing assignments and start pulling the trash. I was assigned to put warrior debuffs on the MT's (The pally tank) target as the trash only came in groups of three. I can't tell you a lot about the trash because from my perspective the pulls went like this. We see trash, we mark trash, we kill trash, we move on. Damn but each pull was over so fast it gave me nothing to write about. Although I did have to make a few adjustments to my graphics after the second pull when my FPS dropped down to 5.

Then it's time for Magtheridon . It feels strange to be able to run between the legs of a 25 man raid boss without being squished for your troubles, but thats exactly what you can do with maggy before the encounter starts.

Here's My first sight of Maggy.

I listen real close while instructions are being given out, just in case I miss something important. Ok I'm tanking the third Channeler, easy job there. Ok I'm not doing any of that clicky business with the psychedelic boxes. Alright, so all I gotta do is tank one of those channeler guys, tank any loose infernals there happen to be, keep Improved Thunderclap up on maggy, and loot the corpse. Simple.

Magtheridon Take 1.

Hmmmm ... Ok I really don't want to start this encounter early by attacking my channeler before the MT pulls, but I also don't want to be chasing this guy all over the place trying to tank him. What do I do. Well I have a sword ,so I'll wait until the Pally pulls then hit him with it, that ought to get his attention. Cool, problem solved. I found the easiest way to achieve this is to position yourself next to the Channeler but between him and the MT. Turn your camera so that you can watch the MT, and when you see the tank pull just hit you attack button. YAY you've just picked up the Channeler.

So phase one goes well, so well in fact that all the channelers were dead before Maggy started attacking. We're rocking and rolling, Yeah Baby! /wipe.

It turns out that clicky business with the psychedelic boxes must be Important. Look at what happens when it goes wrong. I'm sure glad I didn't have to do it.

Magtheridon Take 2.

We rez rebuff, and set up to go again. And again phase one goes increadably well, but come phase two. Splat, maggy does it again.

That clicky business is really important. Turns out one of those cube clicky people died while channeling. Hello repair city population us.

Magtheridon Take 3.

Ok now I'm comfortable with my role in this encounter. I tank my Channeler, then start Intervening at and Taunting Infernals just because it's fun, those warlocks had their job down to a T. I don't think I tanked any Infernal for more than 3-4 seconds before it was feared or banished. Low and behold those clicky people had it down to now. No blast waves for us, oh no. Hell two of them even died during the fight and their backups took over without a hitch.

We get all the way to phase 3 where the roof starts to fall on people. Now at this stage I have understandably become a bit overconfident. I've done the hard part of my job, the clicky people are doing theirs, all I have to do now is move when that roof is falling on me. Simple, I even have an addon that tells me when I'm having the rocks dropped on me. And sure enough as soon as the cave in's start happening I get a warning that it's targeting me, so I move.

Problem solved Right?


Yep thats me face down on the floor after being one shotted by a rock ... a rock!! 36000 damage o.O . Lesson for next time, when the roof starts falling on your head move far away, a little bit just wont cut it. My chagrin was mitigated some what when shortly after that another warrior was rockshotted (I like that word,it explains what happened quite well in my opinion. I made it up so it's mine. No touchy my word).

Anyway the rest of the raid goes about it's business doing that clicky thing, laying the dps smack down on dragon hieny and what not, and maggy goes down. Booya! Cheers all over vent and much jumping around was had by all. I joined in on the jumping after I got a rez, being unable to join in at first due to the unfortunate rockshotting incident.

Now it's loot time. None of the T4 warrior tokens dropped but thats alright since I have the new badge reward chest piece and would have passed on it anyway. But this kick ass polearm did drop. I didn't win the roll for off spec though. /sadwarriorface.

Hmmmm ... no T4 chest and no fancy new weapon, only one thing for it. I went and ninjad me the beasties head with a roll of 95 (p.s. whoever's dice I used, they were obviously not mine, mine don't roll that well, you not getting them back, they're just far too good). After a while I got tired of dragging the big smelly thing around and found me a guy in honor hold who wanted to stick it on a big stick, so I traded him for a nice dps ring.

Also I went to the big glowy thing in the terrace of light and it gave me this ring for killing maggy, but no title dagnabit.

In high spirits we went to have a shot at Doom Lord Kazzak, but he proved to be just too buggy for a decent go at him. It did however provide a nice scene with so many guildies in the air at one time.
That about wraps it up for todays adventures.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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Asara said...

Excellent story, I must say!

My hubby and I also love summoning people to the top of the stone, they almost always get very confused.

We learned the hard way too of the importance of the clicky things. Thankfully, people learn :) Congrats on your win!