Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Quick Update!

I have managed to get the last two heroics done for my Title, so Maggy here I come.

I was rounded out of be by my flatmate who was telling me the Lady B was looking for me and that I had heroics to do. This took a minute or two to sink in since I am a very deep sleeper. But eventually it did and I was up and at 'em, or at least stumbling around the kitchen muttering to myself "cooooffeeeee .... must have coffeeeeee".

Finally caffeinated I get online and find out that Lady B had not managed to bribe a pally tank for the Shattered Halls run, having completely forgotten that she was going to (might have had something to do with the fact that she suggested this while falling asleep behind the healbot last night). So I tank SH pretending real hard that I'm a pally tank, and hoping the mobs were fooled.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hunter H. , and Lady B. for coming no that run since there was nothing for them there but the badges. Also Hunter H. chain trapped his little dwarven butt off sometimes chain trapping a mob in a circle twice around that main fight (This is not to take anything away from Birdy Hunter who also did a great job, but I delighted in giving hunter H. the hardest jobs to do). Of course I was in the center of the main fight destroying my nerves and sanity tanking up to four mobs at once. I really don't think the dps understand how hard it is for a warrior to tank four mobs.

I digress, we managed to do the instance inside the timer and rescue the prisoner completing that part of the quest. Then it was off to Shadow Labs, my most hated of all instances (and strangely it was Lady B's favorite, damn crazy priest). We muddled through and after one wipe on the third boss, caused by yours truly calling out the wrong direction to run in, and one wipe on Murmur we get quest done too.

Here's a picture of us visiting Murmur.
We down big 'n windy, and the mage pipes up that he still needs to do Steamvaults. So we do. we tear through that place in just over an hour. Leaving me a little time to write this post and get a snack before Maggy tonight.

All in all this guild is going to have more champions that you can shake a very large stick at, that is if everything goes well tonight.

So Until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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