Monday, January 21, 2008

What Warriors Should Know.

When I was asked to spec protection by my guild I had very little tanking experience and I wish to impart all the things I wish I had known when starting out.

Over the next few weeks I hope to be posting all I know about being a warrior. I don't claim to be THE authority on all things warrior or even that everything I post will be 100% correct (We all make mistakes). Now with that disclaimer out of the way on to business.

The topics I shall be covering are (these will be Initially from a tank perspective):
  • Know your group.
  • Treat your healer with respect.
  • Tanking styles.
  • The Pull. (It deserves the capitals).
  • Communication within a group.
  • Your user interface.
  • Leading from the front.
  • 5 man instance tanking as arms.
These will be done in no particular order. Also I shall almost certainly not be covering an entire topic in one go, or even in consecutive posts. There will also be other posts regarding gear and stats, but these are things you can find from a dozen different sources. What I wish to impart are those things I had to find out by trail and error and talking to other (better) tanks. Plus there will be some completely random things thrown in ... In fact I think I'll start with one of those.

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