Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Always Listen To Everything The Raid Leader Is Saying

Ok this is another one of those "I messed up so don't make my mistake" posts.

The Setting

We were running the first two bosses in Karazhan with a less than perfect group make up. We had one shackles for CC and only 2 healers, but it was only the Huntsman and Moroes so we were sure we could muddle through somehow. I get the MT spot as our usual MT had rerolled a priest and was busy putting it through the final couple of levels so we wouldn't have to look outside the guild for CC.

The Story

We buff up, take a deep breath and then it's mark, pull, mark, pull, mark, pull all the way to the Huntsman with only one death. The Huntsman goes down without hardly putting up a fight. YAY we must be in for an easy night ... wrong. Distribute the loot have a five minute coffee/cigarette/toilet break and then we move on. Again mark, pull, mark, pull, mark, pull, the OT goes down at one point because he can seem to grasp when he's supposed to disarm the Ghostly Stewards to stop them putting the debuff on him. Fortunately I'm way up on threat on my target and he's about to die so I turn my back to him and let him tag along as I go to pick up the OT's target. I get him back under control with only one squishy casualty (I refer to anyone not decked out in plate as a squishy). Boyd by my success and the heady feeling you only get when you haven't slept properly in days I move on to mark the next mob and finish clearing the room.

We stop take a breath and look at the adds that that moroes has hanging around him. Hmmm .... Pally, Priest, Priest, Prot Warrior ... The raid leader give us the plan. The prot warrior will be shackled as he's too much of a pain to nuke down the MT will tank the pally and Moroes the two feral druids we had dpsing will break out their tanking gear and tank the two priests, the kill order will be Holy Priest, Shadow Priest, Pally then Moreos. Sounds good Right? WRONG. The pull goes great, shackles go on the druids pick up their marks I pick up mine and everyone is happy.... then all hell breaks loose squishies are dieing left right and center and the warrior is loose and running amok. One of the feral druids tries to pick him up but his gear wasnt great and with only two healers he went down hard. /wipe

Ok take two. What went wrong that time? Well shackles got dispelled faster the the shadow priest could put them on the the priest goes splat and a wipe happens. Ok now we know what happened what do we do about it. New plan MT and OT will pick up one of the melee adds each and the two feral druids will tank the other two. The kill orfer is the same but we leave the warrior till last and shackle him when the others are dead. Sounds good right? Well yes except for one thing. The conversation went like this from my perspective.

RL: "Stunty you will be tanking Moroes and Red" (ok cool I have my marks and my characters name is Stuntyone in case you wondered)
ME: "Ok boss, will do."
RL: "OT you will be tanking Moroes and Star." (All names but mine have been omitted)
OT: "Right"
RL: "Druid 1 you will tank........Bla bla bla"
*at this point the heady feeling I mentioned earlier made the rest of the conversation just an annoying buzz in the background*
*Ready check pops up snapping me back from my waking dream land*
RL: "Ok stunty you have a green to pull."
ME: "Ok boss"
*I maneuver into position and pull*
ME: "We got Incoming"

The pull goes according to plan with everything tied up in combat with the tanks (all four of them). Thing are chaotic but alright ... then suddenly someone close to me pulls red, at the same time as Star peals off after our main healer ... I get Red back and no sooner than I get him back than hes pulled again there I am struggling to keep red and moroes while Star is beating on my healer ... this is bad ... healer goes down, I go down, raid goes down, in that order.

RL: "Stunty why the hell was your mob killing me?" (Bold because he was speaking very loudly)
ME: "But I had Red next to me the whole time."
RL: "No Stunty you were supposed to tank Star!"
ME: "No you told me to tank red."
RL: "We changed your marks remember?"

I turns out that after the conversation became an annoying buzz in the background the OT had made a point about it being easier for me to pull star than red and so they had been switched... all while I was away with the fairies. So while my mark was killing our healer I was fighting my OT for aggro on his mob. /facepalm

The Moral

Like it says in the title always listen to everything your raid leader is saying ... just in case.

On A Lighter Note

The next shot we got Moroes down even though our seccond healer DC'd for about a minute in the middle of the fight (one of the freed up druids went back up healing until he came back).

So the only real things to come out of this are that I now always listen to everything thats being said and I'm now know by the guild to be Red Yellow colour blind.

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