Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should Have Posted

Wow I'm one sorry excuse for a blogger ... start a new blog then dont post for a couple of weeks ... even if I'm not sure anyone reads this it's still not kosher.

BUT ... I have my list of excuses all prepared
*Eh hem* 1. RL stuff has been getting in the way, in this case having to spend days on end in the middle of nowhere pruning trees with no Internet connection for miles around /cry
2. Every time I log on to do my dailies and check the AH i seem to get a wisp from a friend or a request from a guildie asking me to tank something for them and I invariably say yes as I spent too long as an arms warrior not getting invited anywhere. This cuts into my non-wow PC time and unfortunately this is the first thing to get left out as running wws reports for the guild and watching anime come first.
3. Work has been pilled on me to an unusual amount (meaning I actually have too do some)

There we go all the excuses out of my system and I just hope you will forgive me ... I there is anyone out there.

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