Sunday, August 24, 2008

Responsible Raiding


I've talked to you before about how tanking is all about controlling each pull, well this goes double for those leading a group or raid. I doesn't however stop at knowing exactly what should happen and what you should do. Oh no if your leading the group whatever the size it's important that you make sure the everyone knows what should be going on.

I was prompted to write this post after being in a couple of 10 man raids where those who were supposedly in charge of the raid did not do this. It is essential that everyone know their role.

Did I stress that enough? Lets try again with bold writing this time.

You have to make sure that everyone knows what the hell is going on and what they are supposed to do! If your not prepared to do this then for the love of god don't wonder around with the little raid leader crown like your doing something.

Yes I know I may be stressing the point a little too much but it's something that I feel strongly about, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't organize a raid if your not going to lead it. Organize it then pass leadership onto someone else and make sure they know they are supposed to be leading. This happens in 5 man group all the time. I lost count of the times I've been invited as the last spot in a party to tank it then had leader passed to me. This also goes the other way, I have on many occasions tanked an instance while not being the leader because I was not 100% comfortable with the instance or I thought that someone else would do a better job. I mean there's not point in me wondering around marking things and asking the party to do stuff if I don't know what the hell I'm doing or if there is someone else in the group who could do it better.

Even when leading a group I will always ask if everyone is familiar with each boss and some of the more difficult pulls. If there are multiple ways to do a pull or a boss I will ask the group which way the want to do it and then give a very brief recap so that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. I mean OMG I just wasted 30-40 seconds going over a boss fight, however will we make up the lost time ... oh thats right we make it up by not wiping and having to run back and rebuff (damn I think my brain just had a sarcastic fit there).

It's not a lot I expect from whoever is leading the group. It's simple little things, going over the raid markings and kill order, healing assignments if necessary, special CC duties. Also if you ask someone to do something get an acknowledgment from them. Don't just say it and expect them to do it without confirming it. Did they fully understand what you want them to do?, were they afk for a short bit?, did their doorbell just ring?, did they simply miss the chat or didn't hear you? Waiting for a simple "Ok", "np" or "sure" eliminates all the factors.

So in conclusion to my rant I would like to say that if you don't do the above mentioned things don't go around pretending to lead the group, cuz your just not doing it.


So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior Ranting off.


Anonymous said...

Well Stunty, this is a VERY usefull post according to me! I hope that every single WoW-player reads this (sure would do good for your visitors counter ;-) cause I've myself been in to many groups where these things happen! Everybody learns it 'on-the-job' but with some explanation, it makes it all a bit easier! It's important to give the right person the right assignment and I think the RL should ask that person if he thinks he's capable to do it or not. From personal experience, I know how it's like to get a task in the raid (5 man-10 man) and screwing it up because incompetence of myself and ignorance of the raid leaders... (Luckily I never have to play a major roll with my shadow priest in 25-man raids and it's only dps-ing full throttle for me :-) I have to admit that this mostly happens in PUG groups, never in a guild group (cause SoL is the best ;-)!!)! And from the other point of view, I think it's very important to tell the RL what you are capable off and what you can't handle, don't be affraid to tell a group that you are not skilled enough to do a job, this will prevent a lot off trouble! Hope to see you back in Azeroth in September!


Anonymous said...

Well i for 1 know...whats it like to lead a raid....due to the fact i get stuck..with it, i mean...i think people actual belive i know what iam doing. LoL where as i most of the time making up as i go along due to the fact stunty has a many occession stuck me with the group leader or raid leader role..ggggrrr bad stunty.
But stunty is right to many people i seen have taken the role of Raid leader and think they know best,..."nigthmares....eekk" and things goes complete wrong. Best to give it to someone who is
A: Easy to tactics if needed.
B: Can mark quickly no bullshit around.
C: Wont go ape shit if the raid wipes "come on people it happens live with it"

Bad Kitty

Exanimo said...

I so hate it when we do a Karazhan raid on a non-official raidday where i can relax and don't need to bother with leading or officerthings like usuall, and then the dude getting everyone in passes Leader to me... leaving it up to me to get rid of the extra ammount of people and/or leading the bunch through Karazhan.
Luckily not much leading is needed as our members know Kara through and through, but still need to make sure that people on alts know what their current class needs to do.