Thursday, August 7, 2008

SoL 2/5 In Mount Hyjal.

So this wednesday we stepped into our rotation on T6 content. From now on It will be one week Tier 5 and one week Tier 6, and for the first time ever I stepped into Mount Hyjal as melee dps ... and I loved it.

Mount Hyjal is like a dps warrior dream some true. The trash is mainly pally tanked and the bosses rarely do anything to make you stop hitting them. On the trash I achieved over 1000 dps, a personal record for me on Rage Winterchill I only achieved 850 dps due to him constantly casting Death and Decay right under himself and getting frostbolted for a second time 12 seconds ... 12 seconds, before my trinket cooldown was up and dieing. I'm telling you this guy hates me. On Anetheron I pulled off 960 dps, another personal record for me on single target dps. Now if only I could get a damn Enhancement Shaman and a decent Sword.

Anyway it took us two attempts but the second boss in MH finally bit the dust.

As you can see the Boomkin was late to the party.

After we celebrated for a while someone went and talked to lady Jaina, and she gave some speech about having bought time and pulling back. she then started casting a mass teleport spell, and this being our first time getting this far we all thought "oh cool I wonder where she's taking us" so we all gathered up near her.

As it turns out she just teleported the npc's and left us standing there like fools. Then the trash came.

With cries of "Flee", "Run for it!!", and "F### this I'm porting to shatt" we scattered, eventually the undead cornered me high up in the hills and rather than let them have the satisfaction of killing me I jumped to my death with a cry of "You''ll never take me aliiiiiiiiveeeeeeee!!!". If anyone out there can tell me the correct way to deal with this part of the fight I would be most appreciative. Although the comedy factor of our first time doing it was something I will remember for a long time.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Iskander said...

No idea how to do it, but just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading these posts.

Hammaer said...

After Anetheron is dead, everyone makes for the high hills out the back of the area and heads up to the orc camp. There are some yummy nodes that drop epic gems between the camps, so bring a miner. Once your all there, the "lucky volunteer" (we make our RL do it, cuz he's "in charge") talks to her and has to run back before the undead destroy the place.

If you die, you can run back into the instance and enter the orc camp directly via the other portal in the first chamber.

Stuntyone said...

Thanks Hammaer will give that a go next time :)

And thanks for the support Iskander

Loronar said...


Last night, I got stuck in the Horde camp because the trash suddenly started coming. I was feigned death in the middle of it for like 4 minutes before I decided to try to run. I got stomped. :P

Sebulon said...

Hoping you will be able to post fresh news after tonight mate :)

Edge and Kiyo said...

My guild just recently killed Antheron for the first time too, and we did the same thing! Someone talked to Jaina and she started casting her teleport and we all stood there waiting to go with her haha!

Luckily one of our miners, a hunter managed to feign death and get out to the road and mine up some epic gems while we scrambled for our lives.

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