Monday, October 13, 2008

Stunty's Back!

I have returned!

My enforced wow and Internet hiatus has ended. My apologies at my long absence but RL kicked in with a vengeance and didn't really give me much choice in the matter, don't ask. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies, or at least, Ask me no questions and I wont ignore you and send you dirty looks for asking me questions.

Anyway back to wow. It turns out that my guild can kill new bosses without me. This came as a bit of a shock considering that since the day I got my "Raider" rank in the guild I have been at every guild first kill. Hydross, Karatherass, Vashj, Rage, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgalor, Naj'entus, Supremus, I was there for them all the first time we killed them. The few times I could not raid on a progression night either due to being left out due to player rotation or just not being able to make it, things tended to go poorly for the raid, sometimes just not making the final few percent, sometimes bringing a "Bucket'o'Fail" with them (something that has been known to happen even when I'm there) or in one famous case, an unscheduled server shut down. Even though they were suffering from the lack of stunty they managed to down the Shade of Akama in BT. Now that I have returned just think of what we can accomplish.

At the moment my internet connection is just not stable enough to raid, or even do heroics properly due to having to use this piece of #### USB wireless adapter, I wont mention brand names that not how I roll. But tonight this should be by passed through the use of one long ass Ethernet cable and I will be back in tip top shape.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Edge and Kiyo said...

Stunty!!! I've missed you! Your my favorite healing spec'd warrior!

Seriously though, glad to have ya back and looking forward to more of your witty posts of goodness.

Edge & Kiyo

Dilecto said...

I know I a n00bie, but I went through and read your old posts a bit ago. Good to see you back and I look forward to reading more!

Stuntyone said...

Thanks for the comments, it's good to know I've been missed and that people still read this thing despite my long absence.

Banshee/Hoolie said...

Hey Stunty, excellent to finally have you back, even just for short periods of time and at iregular hours! Seriously, its good to have to loging on again.
I have miseed the goings on in Ghostlands as viewed by you.

...So whats your new Spec going to be??!

Anonymous said...

Way to go stunty :)
Glad to see your back and hope you will post more stuff soon..

See you around

a retired mage

Stuntyone said...

Lovely to hear from you Gwal, I hope everything is going well for you.

And Banshee is my view of thing really that ...... special? and is it special in the "good way" or the "not so good way"