Thursday, October 16, 2008

Patch Day Blues and New Spec Loving

I was going to write this post yesterday but yesterday was patch day, and as some of you may know I'm addicted to addons.

Patch day + 155 addons = headache of massive proportions.

So no post got done.

Anyway after busting my B###s getting my UI sorted, yes I know you can play perfectly well with 0 addons, but I look at it this way, you can live on bread and water, but I'd rather have a steak with all the trimmings.

Anyway after getting my steak back in working order I went looking at specs for the new talents we had just got. My first build was so so and lag of 1200 didn't really help my get a feel for the build. But after a bit of experimentation on the target dummies, damn but I love those things, they just stand there and take abuse while I sit at my PC, screaming "STUNY SMASH!!1!" at the monitor.

Whoops back on track again, after beating on the practice dummies for a while this was the build I settled on. I'm still not convinced about using Rend even in combination with Trauma but further experimentation may prove me wrong, but It's definitely not worth it in heroics as the fights are over so fast it's not funny. Also Sudden Death didn't turn out to be the massive rage dump I thought it would be as Endless Rage leaves you with more rage than god. As it turns out I love Bladestorm. It is simply sexy and I want to have it's babies ... did I just type that last bit out loud?

Today I got my butt into a few heroics and was shocked at the result. Here see for yourself.

This is the report for the entire run in heroic Hellfire Ramparts. The poor rouge missed out since he's all single target dps and I was hitting EVERYTHING and loving it.

On single target fights I was still pulling over 1000 dps, but I guess the true test of the build will come when I get to run it in a raid environment.

Oh and before I forget, monday we went into Black Temple for our last pre patch run and downed Naj'entus, Supremus and Akama. For my first Shade of akama fight we had the strange situation where both akamas died so I didn't get to see the bit where all the broken come out and chat with Akama ... and I didn't get any loot /sulk.

On the Plus side i did find a new patch of floor to inspect.

Oh and after a visit to the barber shop stunty's got a brand new look.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Dilecto said...

Good to know someone else is an addon freak! I'm STILL screaming at my UI. Any suggestions?

All I've gotten to really work is Perl Classic, Dominos bars, Healbot (for my priest), and a few others.

Edge and Kiyo said...

Great to see you back and posting again! Same addon troubles here, although after a day or so, most of the addons are getting ironed out, thanks goodness!

Stuntyone said...

my solution to the addon problem was to disable then enable them one by one and find out which ones were working, then I ran wowmatrix every couple of hours and enabled the updated addons. I still dont have everything back ... but it's nearly there.

Laurens said...

Good to have you and your blog back Stunty :)))