Friday, November 14, 2008

WotLK Recap : Day 1

I haven't posted lately due to a severe case of the Xpac blues. We trounced bosses in BT but there was no real pleasure in it. I got my Hand of the A'dal Title but I was ashamed to ware it. But all that is over now and I shall be giving you day by day updates on my experience in the new expansion.

Day 1.

Day 1 started with me standing outside my local gaming store waiting for the doors to open at midnight (along with the two other wow players I live with and about 60 other people). We get back to the house in record time and have a race to install the game. I lose due to having to restart my PC after every patch or it has a fit at me.

Anyway I log on and Stuntyone is ready and waiting at the boat to take him to Northrend, with 3 and 1/2 empty bags and empty quest log and an almost empty bank. I take the boat over with a couple of people I know and we are screaming at each other, "Where's this trainer?", "where's the flight master?", "Where do I pick up that quest?" and "Where the hell am I?", that last one from me. We train up in our professions and start to make a mess of northrend's leveling areas.

I soon split off from the others as my normal style of leveling is to grab every quest I can find and head off in a random direction killing things along the way until one of my quest counters starts ticking, and occasionally actually reading a quest when this becomes boring.

Several hours later (I really don't know how many but it was light outside) I was within spitting distance of level 71 but I was so tired that no matter how many times I read the quests I still couldn't figure out what the hell they were about, I kept getting lost and I seemed to have an aggro radius 10 miles wide. So I decided to call it a night, or a morning, or whatever.

Several hours later (again I'm not sure how many) I'm back online and making short work of my paltry rested XP. I ding to level 71 in short order now that I know what those guys with the ! over their heads actually wanted me to do. Questing continues until half way to level 72 I get an invite to run the Nexus instance with a few buddies ... we spend 2 hours getting lost in that place but managed to one shot every boss but the last since we didn't know you had to move or jump to remove the stacking chill debuff. From the quest I had to read a book in that place (read or pick up I can't remember the haze of leveling has clouded my mind) I got a reward of some tanking shoulders that are better than T4. This leaves me wondering how much longer my T6 level gear will actually last.

That over and it's back to my unique style of questing which gets me to level 72 shortly before the server goes through it's restart. Which continued for so long it gave me the opportunity to write this post. It's 715 in the morning and the realm is still not up so thats about all I have for you at the moment.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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