Monday, July 6, 2009

That Fuzzy Feeling Of Hysteria.

Today was not a great WoW day for me as I kept having technical issues. It started when I was doing my dailies before the raid and a friend of my housemate was over with his kids. They kept running around a knocking the cable out of the router. Now you cant get angry with them because they are just doing what kids do, which is run around, and the cable stretches right across the living room perfectly positioned to catch little feet as they rush by. Fortunately the latch on the connector is loose so it pull's out before it can trip them up. I'd much rather get DC'd than have a child get hurt. So I patiently got up from the PC room and plugged the cable back in every time they knocked it out. It was no big deal, barely even worth mentioning, except that this disguised a problem that would become apparent later on.

The friend and his kids leave about 20 minute before the raid starts and everything is hunky dory ... for a while anyway. Then I start getting strange lag spikes and random DC's, being unable to log back in, being unable to establish an internet connection. All kinds of strange problems. My frustration at this was compounded by the fact that we failed twice on Mimiron, a boss that should be on farm status for us, and I caused something like a 15-30 minute delay while I tried in vain to get online/remain online for any length of time.

It's a good thing the kids had gone because I had just become a raging, frothing, malcontent gamer with the strong inclination to take a hammer to both my router and my PC. The language was not at all suitable for little ears.

I manage to get back on in phase 2 of Mimiron on our kill attempt (fortunately I had been DC'd inside the room before the pull) only to have my game crash in phase 3 while I was on Magnetic core duty (why is it that I always get core duty?) fortunately Nyziu (my gnomish melee confederate) covered for me while I restarted WoW. I managed to remain online long enough to finish the fight after that.

That done with I asked Elix, our raid leader if they could clear trash while I ran some tests to see what was wrong. Normally I would have asked to be replaced but we were running under the full 25 already as it's summer and people have suddenly found summery things to do instead of raiding (damn them and their real lives, don't they know I've got yogg to kill?) .

Anyway I started by checking the router connections, nothing wrong there. Then moved on to the router settings, nope all is well there too. I then preformed a ping test and suddenly got a conflicting IP error. Hang on a moment. Right now my PC is the only one active on this network. A bit of frantic checking later and yes my suspicions have been confirmed, for some god forsaken reason my PC had decided it would be a great idea to try and open two connection to the router with the same IP. Damn computers, they'll never catch on. Obviously I had told it to do this somehow since PC's will only do what they are told to. But damn it, they should do what I want, not what I say!

I got back after they had only cleared one trash pack on the way to General Vesax. My technical problems however had thrown me way off my game and it took all the remaining trash to get remotely back on track.

Then I had the problem that, while normally I would be one of the main interrupters on this fight I didn't want to have another round of technical difficulties cause a wipe. So I asked for volunteers to take over ... I had to ask 3 times before I got one. Eventually I got a response and we sorted the rotation and it was time to pull. The annoyance at having all the tech problems then sorting out a replacement caused me to not realise that I hadn't switched over to my fury spec until I hit an in combat charge.

But you know what? At that stage I just didn't care any more, I wanted to release my frustration and unleash the beast that is a dwarf warrior packed with rage and hyped up on coffee on this guy.

I promised myself that if they missed even one interrupt I would switch over to berserker stance and add mine to theirs, but they didn't miss a beat, and I got to unleash. I managed to keep my head enough to stack Sunder Armor for the other melee, but not enough to check if anyone else was doing the same so I could stop. It didn't help my control that I was the recipient of, not one, but two DK's Hysteria's. In fact when one landed right at the start of the heroism I announced over vent that "I love you guy's".

Yes I am that easy, one Hysteria during heroism and I'm all yours baby.

My brain got into the swing of things as well and started doing some pretty nifty rage calculations allowing me to maximise my Sudden Death procs and heroic strikes. So even with stacking sunders and the melee haste debuff which gimped my rage generation I was still able to pull out (as I found out when I had wiped enough foaming, dps frenzy, spittle of the screen that I could check my recount) the second highest damage in the fight.

Then I did a little double take when I saw who was above me and by how much.

What kind of sick, twisted, sadistic abuse had that man done to his keyboard. Surely there is some kind of society to prevent that kind of cruelty.

All I can say to the other casters is, Be Like Lau. Sure the man's a sick, twisted, keyboard hating animal. But any man, no matter how much of an animal he may be, who gives my recount that much of a headache deserves some kind of respect.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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