Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slow on Posting

Again I'm caught slacking on the posts, and yet again I come out with a plethora of excuses :)

The main excuse is that we now have enough attuned people in the guild to run 2 Kara teams instead of just going with whoever can come at the time, and I have been put in charge of organizing the B team. It's not called the B team it's called the Red team but since our guild leader took all the best geared people for his team thats realistically what it is. This suits me fine as I know the people I have and almost all are friendly and more importantly willing to learn and willing to obey instructions.

I have so far (after consulting with all my team members) selected the days of what will be a 4 day raiding week. I am going to implement a Zero-Sum Dkp system with rewards for loot distribution (Still have to inform the Guild leader about that but we need a formal loot system come hell or high water). The goal I have set myself is to down prince before the Blue team and as their members seem perma stuck on Illhoof it's looking good.

Proper raiding starts next week and spirits amongst my team are high. I know it's going to take time to gear them up properly, but hey it's gonna be fun.

All this organizing has left me with a seemingly (at least to me anyway) valid excuse to avoid posting.

Ok so it wasn't a plethora of excuses but at least it was a good one :)

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