Saturday, March 15, 2008


One of the many excuses I use to justify my infrequent posting is lack of inspiration. I need inspiration because I dont want this blog to be filled with variations of "Hai Der look at this!" posts. In my opinion posting for the sake of posting is pointless and anoying. Another problem is that I can spent 2-3 hour working on some seemingly brilliant idea while it just laughs at me and slaps me round for a bit until I give up. This has often lead to me accepting sub standard (at least one's I'm sure could be much better) posts just to keep going.

So if any of you few misguided individuals who do visit this place have any idea's, want to hear my view on a particular subject, or have a particular subject you would like me to rant about, please let me know. I won't promise you I'll do it, but I will give it a good thinking over (and possibly an hour or two of frustrating and fruitless typing) before rejecting any ideas.

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