Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mages!! Aaaaaarrrrrggh!!!

I used to like mages. What happened to you guys? You used to be cool. Ok you play wow so you were never cool, but you came darn close.

I will just take a moment to point out that I have become slightly prejudiced towards mages as I have been doing a lot of PvP lately. I mean as a warrior you charge a mage, they frost nova, you get out of frost nova and Intercept, they blink away and you stuck with that nasty slowing debuff. Then it's piles of burst damage and your dead. Also if they don,t fell like dealing with you just yet they polymorph you and save you for later while they go annoy someone else (damn trinket cooldown).

But it's not just the power of the PvP mage that has prompted this post, oh no. Let me tell you a little story.

/cast Tale of Mage Woe

I recently joined a new guild as I had an argument with my old guild leader and left. Anyway I wanted to get to know the people in my new guild so I went and tanked the new sunwell instance a few times for them. The first two times went well and all was good in the world. Then a call went out in guild chat late at night asking if anyone wanted to do Magisters Terrace on normal, I volunteered. It turns out the restoration druid, who put out the call in guild chat, and myself were the only people online who were willing or able to go. So the Druid starts casting about looking for dps and we get a mage, he asks for group leader as he has another mage in his guild who wants to come, then a hunter from their guild joins. Ok thats nice, we have three cc, which is good as there are a lot of big pulls in MT.

We all arrive down at MT and get ready to enter when one of the mages pipes up that the otherone should take leader since he was on his 4th beer of the night and that would make marking slow. It was only then that I realised that they had just hijacked our pug. The other mage refused the leader on the grounds that he was hungover. The hunter said nothing ... he continued to do so all night.

From here on out things got worse and worse as the marking mage would give us beer by beer updates on how drunk he was getting, and the other mage would just not let me pull, as soon as the first mage had put the last mark down (which would sometimes take a while) he would sheep. This left me running around trying to pick up 2-3 targets instead of letting them come to me, and then he would complain when he died. /angry tank face.

The run was plaged by slow marking, constant toilet breaks and silent hunters. Even though we muddle our way through the instance, and even downed the last boss it still left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The taste of incompetent mage.

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