Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adventures in 3v3 Arena - or - Please Make The Pain Stop.

Damn, I promised you tales of my adventures in the world of 3v3 arena didn't I?

I guess I will have to put the effort in then.

Damn I really hate having to make good on my promises.

It's not that I'm a bad person. It's just that I'm really really lazy.

Well here we go.

Noobing it up in arena. Take 2.

Like I was telling you we got ourselves a cockroach (paladin), whom we had cajoled, bullied, and bribed into forming a 3v3 team with us.

It was Wednesday and we had just done our 30 games of 2v2 and the pally had promised to do some games with us, and I wanted to get them over before the points were calculated.

He had other ideas.

He selfishly (Selfish because he wanted to do something other than what I had planed. Everyone should know that my needs are greater than theirs) wanted to do his dailies so that he could buy his epic flying mount some time sooner rather than later.

By the time I had convinced him to let me buy out his dailies, rather than do arena tomorrow the points had already been calculated. My reasoning for buying out his dailies was, that at that stage it was cheaper for me to buy them out than respec again, and I had already dropped 120 G on the charter and 100 G on respecs (as I needed to be prot the next day) so what was another 60 G.

Anyway after all my shouting, bitching and moaning at the pally we were ready to rock the arenas.

That was the plan anyway, the reality was to be vastly different.

To my great pleasure we won our first and second games. I can't give you the make ups or the details as what was to come wiped these clean from my mind. The wins boosted my confidence to extreme heights, which made the next game all the more painful as we met The Team. They deserve both the capitals and the italics. They were just that good. what made it worse was that we faced them for the next two games after that :(.

Game 3, 4, and 5

Warrior, Rogue, Druid.

We come racing out of the starting area and all we can see is this warrior. This throws us into complete disarray as we try to check their starting zone for the healer, watch for stealthers, and prevent this unholy wrecking machine of a warrior from stomping on our cockroach.

Let me tell you a little about this warrior. He's the warrior that all level 1 noobs want to grow up to be. He's the geared up warrior that makes all those hunters and warlocks cry at night, and features in the nightmares of the PvP priest. We tried to stop him, we tried to kill him, but he was like the bloody terminator.

Then just when we think we have him out pops the druid throwing heals and ruining our chance at stopping this hellish machine of destruction. Just as Kitty was about to unleash some hellish pwnage on their druid the rogue pops out and stun locks him. Then he teams up with the warrior doing what a nuclear holocaust couldn't and killing the cockroach.


We come out of there stunned and deflated not really appreciating how well we had just been owned. This was to be corrected over the next two games.

In the second game Kitty was trying to wait for their healer to show before un-stealthing, this idea was to be ruined by the rogue who joined the warrior in knocking me and our pally senceless to the point at which he had to intervene and save our bacon. The bacon saving was short lived however as their healer showed himself as far away from us as possible but still throwing heals, our pallys bubble ran out, rogue goes into stun-lock mode on his ass and its game over again.

In the third game we had decided that if we faced them again, no matter what else happened we would kill that druid. A little chant started runnung though my mind "Druid, druid, KILL IT! Druid, druid, KILL IT!" over and over again. We got That Team again and as soon as the druid showed his face Kitty and I were all over him.

Kitty: Theres the druid.


Kitty: I'm trying!

Me: Me too!


While we had designs on ending the druids life in fairly short order, as it turns out he just wasn't down with that plan. He kited our asses all overthe arena before finally kicking the bucket. In the meantime the warrior and rogie had been fully healed and had torn our pally into tiny little pruple pieces. Having minced the pally to their satisfaction, they then turned their attention on Kitty, as I was to spend this time sapped, gouged, kidney shoted and blind. Having made Kitty litter out of the furball they come at me ... I die ... Painfully and horribly!

What the hell were they doing in our bracket???? Get out! Get out now and leave us alone you bullies.

Game 6 was a loss as well, but we were just glad it was not That Team, And the relief of not playing them kind of blocked what happened from my mind.

Game 7

Mage, Mage, Mage.

This was the other team that blocked all the others from my mind. I tell you I nearly had a nervouse break down as I was casting about for a target that was anything, anything, but a mage. I spent the first 15- 20 seconds of the match running in circles around the middle of the arena frightened out of my poor little warrior mind.

Finally I calmed down a little and hit one, he frost noved me. Another mage blinked next to me so I hit him as well, then he ran away and frost novad me aswell. Then the third mage ran into my mellee range just as the second nova wore of, I hit him, and to my shock I was not instantly cc'd and killed. He seamed to be out of Frost Nova YAY, YAY, YAY!!! I lay into him like god had just given me frost resistance 5000. Mr Axe meet Mr. clothie ... he Blinks, I Intercept ... he goes slpat just like a good clothie should when they meet Mr. Axe. By this time Kitty had already turned his mage into a chew toy ... and our pally was actually holy shocking the last one, and in the thows of "I actually get to do some damage." pleasure.

WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!! And I killed a mage. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel.

We do our last 4 games, one more win and three loses, one of the losses being against That Team again. and we finish the night 4-6.

Thus ends my intrepid exploration into the world of 3v3 arena ... Stay tuned for more next week.


Lau said...

"Mr Axe meet Mr. clothie ... he Blinks, I Intercept ... he goes slpat just like a good clothie should when they meet Mr. Axe. By this time Kitty had already turned his mage into a chew toy ... and our pally was actually holy shocking the last one, and in the thows of "I actually get to do some damage." pleasure."

Pure WIN )

Stuntyone said...

I'm glad you liked it <3

Anonymous said...

hey m8....u forgot the bit with the 3 Mages....that 2 of die at the sametime my and yours....(bad Kitty bad...mmmmeeoooww)

Stuntyone said...

I call it artistic license Kitty