Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Omen No Stunty

The title says it all really, but I'm going to go into more detail anyway. would have been a bit boring if that was all I wrote.

I was invited into a pug heroic Slave Pens run today, normally I don't pug but I could do with the badges and it's SP, whats the worst that could happen?

*Crash, Boom, and other ominous, thundery noises*

I just asked whats the worst that could happen didn't I? Crap!

PUG's A B**** And Then I Leave.

It started off on a bad note as the rogue didn't know that you could only run the same heroic one a day, and had to be told so several times by the rest of the party before he would believe us.

/Insta-pug Hunter

You can always rely on a hunter lurking in LFG :). We summon him and get to killing. During the first few pulls I notice that I'm having to use Intervene and Taunt a lot more than normal, especially during the early part of the pull. After about 5 pulls I get a little annoyed and watch my threat meter during the next fight.


Only myself and the healer have Omen running. No wonder I had to Taunt so much, non of the dps can see my threat.

Normally I don't watch my threat meter that much in the first part of the instance as I spend that time getting a feel for the group I'm playing with. I watch for things like, who's likely to pull aggro, who's likely to lose their CC and need saving, and how competent the healer is. after that I start looking at the threat meter and raise my tps if I'm holding one or two of the dps back, or play more defensively to save healer mana if they are not coming close to my threat.

I normally don't get too upset if one of the dps is running without Omen, especially in a pug. I just keep a closer eye on them in case they pull aggro.

But this?!?!?

the dps running without Omen? (Ok so one had KTM, but that hasn't worked since patch 2.4 went live.)

If I wanted pain and frustration I would have spent my night juggling knives instead of playing WoW, and I suck at juggling.

Long story short, I type "only 2 people in the group have omen, I'm out.", "no omen no stunty". I leave the group, get teleported back to SC, say good night to the guild and log off.

So the moral of the story is if you want me to tank your Instances, get omen. It's not hard, I'll even give you step by step instructions if your computer illiterate.


Elixile said...

Always assume that you will be running with retards man. Some people probably don't even know what a threat meter is.

I hate PuGs. Never again :D

Stuntyone said...

PuG's Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sometimes for me it's the only option though :(

I have a major badge shortage