Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Warriors Want

Warriors are tanks. Thats what everyone who isn't a warrior thinks, and while there are a few of us out there who are completely content with this, let me tell you the secret desire lurking in the heart of every prot warrior. We want to D ... P ... S. We want to be that one in a million lucky son of a gun that gets to raid swinging the big 2-hander. We want to charge into a group of non-elite trash mobs pop whirlwind and sweeping strikes and watch the big numbers fly even as the healers are cursing the very day we were born.

What your happy as a tank?

Come on, admit it you want to feel that face splitting grin spread as you unleash the fury. You want to have that dps warrior feeling again. You know that feeling you get, the one where the numbers on the threat meter mean less and less and the ones popping up over the mob you hitting mean more and more, you know if you continue like that your going to pull aggro and die but you just cant seem to make yourself care.

You want to feel that again don't you?

Yes I thought so.

There is that one little problem though isn't there?

Demand. Everyone wants tanks and nobody really needs another dps when the game is so full of classes that can do nothing else. If your lucky there is room for one dps warrior in a 25 man raid, and then only if they are carrying a lot of physical damage dealers.

Are you going to get that spot?

No your not are you? You've already been pushed into the tanking roll and there is no way they are going to give that up so you can gin maniacally muttering under you breath things like "The big numberz my preciousssss. We wants them."

So guilds be warned, lurking under the surface of your usually stable main tank lies a raving dps junkie just waiting to get out. Ask him some time if he has a decent set of dps gear. If he does you can bet he will jump down you throat and rip your tonsils out trying to get at that half a chance to raid in a dps slot. Unless of course hes afraid he might lose a permanent raid position, I mean thats the reason we went Protection in the first place, so that we can raid.

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