Sunday, April 27, 2008

I think It's Trying To Tell Me Somthing.

I think the game is trying to throw me hints as to which role it wants me to fill.

I love being dps, and I'm good at it. I even worked hard to accumulate decent dps gear from pvp, created and off-spec epics. It seems however that the game doesn't want me to be dps, it wants me to be protection.

How do I know this?

Well whenever I go looking for a new tanking item from heroics, it drops first try. The Sun Eater dropped on my very first heroic mech run and the Spaulders of Dementia on my first heroic Sethekk Halls. So what do you think happens when I go looking for the Commendation of Keal'thas? Thats right it drops without a complaint.

Hell even the PuG was great.

Yes, thats right I PuG'd.

A guildie mage told me he had a good group that was looking for a tank, and he was right. It was better than good it was exceptional. We completely owned that dungeon, well except for one wipe on the first boss, but we wont count that.

Shush, I know that technically he owned us then but the next attempt that boss died so fast I was still trying to tank him as he fell, and we then went on to one shot every other boss in the place.

Ok so we had a few death's, but even when I died on one pull they still managed to finish it without me. There was no whining, no blaming people for other people dieing. Just good, clean, competent fun.

I might even PuG again tomorrow.

[ Insert Ominous Thundery Noises Here ]

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