Saturday, April 19, 2008

One I'll Fated Night!


There will be bitching in this post, also I will make comments here that I wouldn’t in game. So if your offended by this post, tough, for here I am God. Feel free to make any protests you wish in the comments section, but guess what, I can moderate those too Muhahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Did I just hear you talking back to god?

/Smite you with thunderbolts

What’s this? Type /help for list of commands? I don’t need help. I need thunderbolts. Lots of them! Now! Where’s my righteous smiting damn it!!!

Ah power, It goes straight to my head leaving sensible things like common sense and tact twiddling their thumbs in the corner.

Anyway on to the post proper.

The Prelude.

It seems that lately that I have become a raid jinx. Any raid I signed up for just didn't go ahead. Until last night (from when I'm righting this anyway). It was Tuesday and the last chance for those who had not done Karazhan this week to do so. I, of course, jumped at the chance.

When it was crunch time however we still didn’t have enough people, we had two tanks, two healers (by the way much <3 to the shammy who respecced restoration to keep me alive), and 3 dps. So we pugged. A bad idea if ever I heard one, but I wanted to raid so I kept my mouth shut. When I saw one of the people we pugged my heart sank.

This will be the only time ever I break my naming and shaming policy on this blog, but I feel so strongly prejudiced towards this person I just can’t help myself. Eliteassassin. There I’ve done it there’s no going back now, I even put it in bold so you can’t miss it. For the record, if it ever comes down to a choice of playing with him again or roasting my genitals over a slow fire, I have just one question. Can I bring marshmallows?

The Bitching - You Know You Like The Drama.

He is the hunter that gives all other hunters a bad name. His first words after joining the group were to ensure that he could get to roll on any loot he felt like. Now when joining a pug group and seeing master loot I would have done the same, the main difference would have been that I would have addressed the question in whisper to the master looter, and asked him to explain the looting system instead of making comments in raid chat the maid it seem like we would instantly play favorites and deny him loot if he didn’t kick up a fuss now.

Then as soon as we are inside, buffing up and waiting for tardy members he starts boasting about his dps and saying how he will try to curb it so as not to pull aggro off the tanks, and the one time he does he announces it to everyone like it was something to be proud of, I mean come on. How is that right in anyone’s books. Then during the Moroes fight he was complaining about complaining about people breaking his traps.

Reader: So what you say, a little boasting never hurt anyone and I would complain too if my traps were getting broken.

Me: Well yes, but I was watching the whole fight and nobody touched his traps the only breaking was due to resists. Also after he left I checked recount and he was 5th on the dps chart, but he did manage to top the list of cc breakers, and I think that says more about him than I ever could.

(I hope you don’t mind me putting words in your mouth, but what the hell, see god comment above)

Reader: Ok so he’s a bad hunter, but does running with him once give you that good an idea of what he is really like?

Me: Oh dear reader how I wish it was just one run. This pimple on the bottom of humanity was in my previous guild for some time, and had it been up to me, would have been kicked not long after he joined. As an officer in that guild I would have loved to kick him but was denied the right by my GM. Also as an officer was not aloud to put him in my ignore list. Fortunately after he hit 70 he quit the guild.

Reader: What do you think is the underlying reason you dislike him so much?

Me: Well he’s around the 16 year old mark.

Reader: That’s not much of a reason.

Me: But his maturity is somewhere in the region of the10 year old.

Reader: Oh.

Me: I won’t list the amount of times he’s driven me to distraction, as that would bore you to tears, but I think you get my point. So in conclusion to all my guildies and friends out there if there is him and me in a party or raid, either he leaves or I do.

Ok I think that’s enough bitching for one session. Any more comments from me should now be taken as constructive criticism and not a personal attack. On with the show!

The Huntsman.

I will take this time to point out that we were running with only two healers. Had to be said at some point and now is as good a time as any.

Also our OT from what I could tell had never run Karazhan as a tank before. This is judging from his gear (a mix of tanking 70 blues, season 3 arena gear and rep rewards) and his confusion over tanking arrangements and procedures. As a dps warrior in a raid you let the kill order rule your life, you literally have to pay attention to almost nothing else, also if in doubt if it’s being tanked it’s fair game. For a first time run as tank and the little info he was given at the start of each fight he did quite well. But for god sake man if your reading this get the new omen … I’m begging you.

We spend a bit of time sorting out marks, and healing assignments, then start the pulling. On the second pull we somehow get the patrol as well. The group manages to deal with it and this gives me hope for the night. We work our way through the rest of the trash and there is a bit of confusion as the OT was not sure which mark to tank when there was more than two, and had picked the shackles mark. He was soon corrected.

We get to where midnight is standing. I don’t remember if there was a wipe along the way, the reason for this will become clear soon, but I do remember there being a couple of death’s. The raid leader gives a brief overview of the fight and it’s time to rock and roll.


What had happened? Well the OT didn’t pick up the huntsman when he turned up. So the huntsman went on his merry was reeking untold havoc amongst the raid, starting with the healers and working his way down the pecking order.

We get back and the OT is instructed to pick up the huntsman as soon as he show himself and where he is to tank him. Ok everyone ready, all set? Ok show time.


The OT did try to get Attumen under control, he just wasn’t quick enough, by the time Attumen is chomping the OT he’s already chowed down on two healers and one dps. Quick get back before we get respawns.

Third times a charm. The OT is assigned Midnight and I get the job of picking up Attumen and dragging his butt of to the corner. In my opinion this is the way it should have been from the beginning as Midnight doesn’t hit as hard as Attumen, and the Attumen tank is better placed to pick them up when they combine in phase 3. Anyway the huntsman show up I smack him a couple of times to get his attention then drag his butt over to the corner. Then in phase three our OT even manages to pick up the combined Attumen/Midnight before I do. He does lose control of him at one point but I think that’s due to him not having omen. By the time he’s finished eating the unfortunate hunter who pulled aggro, I’m now tanking him and do so for the rest of the fight.

I will do a little tanking guide for each of the bosses we did on that run.

Here is the Attumen/Midnight tanking guide.

Phase 1
The OT should run up to Midnight and lay into that horse like it said bad things about your momma. Tanking him on the spot he starts in is the best.

Phase 2
Mean while the MT should smack the horse once then Blood Rage back off a little and stand there with a nice stack of rage and a good view of the battle field. At 95% Attumen will appear on the right hand side of midnight (your right facing the horse) us the tab button to select him then run up and slap him with a Shield Slam, as this will cause the most threat in one hit. The MT will then drag Attumen into the predetermined corner as he has a nasty cleave attack that you really don’t want hitting the rest of the raid.

Phase 3
The raid meanwhile is beating on that horse like the OT’s momma was a well known and respected person and the didn’t like those comments one bit. When Midnight is low on health Attumen will call for him, at this point the raid should stop all dps. Any raid member continuing dps until on of the tanks has him under control will get -50 tanking brownie point. Continuing dps at this point is not an “Uh Oh” or a “Booboo”, it is a serious crime against tanking, as all aggro is reset at this point. Both tanks should try to gain control of Attumen but the MT normally will as he should be closer to the now mounted Attumen. At this point disarm should be used by anyone who can as it greatly reduces Attumens damage. Also he will charge random raid members, do not follow him as he will come right back to you like a good little raid boss.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the Attumen/Midnight fight from a tanks perspective.


After downing the Huntsman (a boss which had taken 3 attempts and whom I had one shotted the first time I ever saw him) we start clearing up to Moroes with only one wipe caused by the OT’s mouse going haywire and leading him on an erratic dance through the ball room until he was squished by the irritated dancers. Who then came and squished us.

Thats it for trash wipes since we go on to clear the rest of the trash flawlessly. As for moroes, well let the pain begin. The next hour consisted of adds running amok smashing whoever they damn well felt like and dps passing the OT's threat so that when I was gouged they went smush instead of Moroes beating on the OT, and suggestions being thrown out everywhere so in the end nobody's quite sure who to listen to or what the hell is going on. Three wipes into the wipe fest Eliteassassin leaves (YAY YAY YAY!!) and we manage to recruit another guildie to replace him.

A couple wipes later we have respawns, we clear them but another of the pugged dps has to go, and we recruit another guildie, who to my shock manages to organize what is now a shambles of a raid. We wipe :). I can't remember what went wrong but I know I was face down on the floor after not too long. The next try however we down Him and much rejoicing was had by all.

It appeared that the more guildies we got in the better our raid did. Although I was disapointed that Moroes didn't drop his stop watch for me ... again.

Anyway here it is

The Moroes Tanking Guide

The MT and OT drag Moroes butt off to a predetermined spot and build as much threat as they can. Thats it ... thats all you need to know about the Moroes fight as a tank. What if something goes wrong you ask? Tough, theres not a god damn thing you can do about it. You tank Moroes, everything else is dealt with by the other classes, making this the most frustrating encounter to tank that I have ever faced.

The Maiden

The run to the Maiden was nice and smooth. Ok I lied, we wiped on the trash due to an early pull on the 5 man group. But apart from that it was nice and smooth.

We get to the Maiden and, you guessed it, /wipe. I think it was the repentance that got us that time. We come back and down her on the second attempt. In this try I use up all my "Oh S***" buttons on the first two repentances, then I have to move the big lady over to the shammy wait for one of those consecrates to go off then bring her back to the center before she casts one of her random silences. Anyway YAY we down the maiden with only 2 healers and 1 cleanser and on only our second attempt.

End of post coming tomorrow I'm just too damn tired now :P

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Anonymous said...

Just one or two comments about the moroes fight. Most raids usual hav 3-4 kara yes, well what happens when u stuck with only 2....or even worse 1, how do u sort out those nasty adds on moroes.

Well....its down to the 2 tanks....2 pick up 1 add each...or even 2...if theres no CC at all (god help u really). In my experience....Kill the clothie's fast is...REALLY good..and has 2 be done fast. But making sure that every1 on the same page as u need kill those adds as fast as possible. If u cant get them down then i really really do suggest moving on if u tanks cant deal with the adds with no CC well more or less SMEG.
Oh and Every needs omen2....REALLY it helps the tanks and every1 else....