Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Shoulders ... And I'm chuffed

YAY finally I'm free!! free of those horrible blue tanking shoulders I have been carting around for what seams to have been years, and replaced them with the Spaudlers of Dementia. Which while they might not look great on the outside are purple through and through on the inside.

The story goes like this.

For the past few days I have been bugging a guildie to take me to Heroic Sethekk Halls so I could have a chance at replacing my crappy blue shoulders. She had put me off for days, even going so far as to drag me into different heroics to tank for her.

Enough is enough and I put my foot down, well not really, I just asked her again and she felt guilty about putting me off for so long, but it had the same effect :). So the next day (today) she sets about getting a group together for me. The advertisement went "Tank and healer looking for 3 suicidal dps" and to my suprise there were enough crazy people online to come with us. One however was a healer so Lady B. (as I shall refer to her) took out her crazy warlock alt and the group was good to go.

The instance went very well for the first while, especially considering that my blood/caffeine levels were very low at that time of the day. We one shotted the first boss, who died so quickly that it came as a suprise to everyone in the group. I should mention at this point that I was having a little trouble maintaining agrro as we had with us a mage decked out in BT /MH level gear. I mean he could pull aggro without thinking twice ... and often did, to my constant frustration.

Anyway it was all going well right up until the room before the second boss, where I got feared into another group. It was my fault I will freely admit it, I should have pulled the mob back further even if it meant sacrificing the mage ... something I am normally never afraid of doing.

Ok this is alright, I mean it wouldn't be a heroic if everything went perfectly ... well it would but it just wouldn't be the same in my books. Anyway we finish clearing the room and set up for the last pull before the boss.

Did I mention the rogue?

I didn't?

Well I guess thats because he was doing such a great job that the antics of the crazy warlock and the over powered mage completely glossed him over ... until now that is :). I have seen it more times than I can count. The rogue goes in to sap his target just like he's done a dosen times in that run ... except he's forgotten to stealth and you don't warn him because you think he's aware of it, I mean hes the one who's been playing the character for so long.


Nope he wasn't aware that he'd forgotten to stealth.

Anyway when we finish the run back we lay into that group like they had just said bad things about our mothers. It was complete and utter carnage, except this time it was us doing it to them.

We then go on to one shot the second boss we had two casualties and only a combat rez from the lovely tree healer ... and my Goblin Jumper Cables XL seem to hate Lady B. But i was so excited that my sholders might have dropped that the group locked me in a chest to stop me looting while Lady B. ran back.

Riding the high we go to do the last boss, and since we had the lovely tree healer we could summon him :).

We wipe. On 14% .... I find that a particularly insulting percentage to wipe on. Too low to be a what did we do wrong wipe ... but too high to be a we are so going to get him next time wipe.

We wipe again, this time at 56%. Which in a strange way I found to be a much more satisfying wipe than the 14%. Now I'm high as a kite at having my shoulders drop, so I'm prepared to wipe until the dungeon resets if need be. So I leave the decision up to the others who decide to have one more go.

Boss down. ... ???? ... what? ... we killed him ??? ... but that didn't seem any different to the times we wiped. Who cares, whatever, I not going to argue that we shouldn't have downed a boss when we did. What do you take me for? Mad?

Thus ends the story of how I won my freedom from the oppressive forces of the crappy blue tanking shoulders.

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