Monday, June 29, 2009

I Need To Tank More.

This post will show you that the Incompetent part of the Incompetent Warrior is alive and well.

On Saturday A bunch of us got together to go do 10 man Ulduar. Nothing new about that usually there will be at least one group going on one or two of our non-official raiding nights. However this time, for the first time in a while they needed me to tank.

Now I was less than thrilled at this prospect, not because I don't like to tank, well ok you got me I'd much rather be waving my axe around and yelling "STUNTY SMASH" than waving my (whatever M says, and you can see what he says if you read the chat) ugly green glowy sword around shouting "NOT THE FACE, NOT MY BEAUTIFUL BEARDED FACE!".

Back on track now, I was less than thrilled at the prospect of tanking mainly because I hadn't tanked anything in about a month. As it turned out yes you could tell. For one I forgot to re-glyph so I was running around tanking Ulduar 10 man with glyph of execute, heroic strike and whirlwind. Not exactly what you would call optimal.

Another thing was that I was having constant panic attacks about "What did I keybind that too again?". This lead to several mistakes the largest being me getting so confused that I simply stood in a void zone until I died while tanking Freya. You see the problem is that I used to be (mostly) a clicker, but over the first month of the expansion I taught myself to use keybindings. The unfortunate side effect is that I lost my ability to click anything unless they are in a really big ass button or I take my time. This means if it aint keybound it's not getting used. :(

The last problem is my UI. Now I like my UI and it's optimised for my DPS play style, it however really sucks for my tanking play style. There are not enough keybindings for major abilities, and any abilities I might have to click are way down the bottom on really small buttons. This makes me a saaaaad tank. I was literally tanking Razorscale with my spell book open half the time swapping in and out abilities I couldn't put on convenient keybindings. This is not good. I'll have to make a tanking specific UI now. Well I don't have to, but I am going to.

All this means that I'm going to have to do a bit of tanking just to stay in practice in case I end up letting 24 other people down, instead of just making 9 other people laugh at me.

Oh by the way this is what happens when we only need one tank for a fight and I switch back to dps but don't let the healers know about it.

Yes that's me face down again, and what's more I'm the only person face down. Guess I should have told them I was going dps for that fight. Oh and sundering the target for the melee and hunters generates quite a lot of threat at the start /facepalm.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Joe Akkawi said...

Focking Hell Stunty. With Omen that big, one'd think that you'd see when you're about to rape agro!

haha, Elix

Stuntyone said...

I'm thinking of moving it to directly over my character so that there is no possible way for me to ignore it.

On a serious note I do pay attention to Omen but am always tempted to push my luck just a Liiiitle further ... then of course my nemesis RNG steps in and gives me both trinket procs beserking and a string of crits giving me something like 6k TPS.

Then it's hello floor we meet again.