Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Picture Says It All.

Ok so maybe the picture needs a few words to back it up.

Last night we couldn't continue our progress on Yogg'saron in 25 man because of summer. Yeah you know that thing that happens where the sun starts shining and people stop raiding. Anyway we were short on tanks, dps and healers.

What do we do in this situation?

Go back to naxx? If we do I may have to shoot myself.

No, what we do is grab whoever we can and make as many 10 man teams as possible. In this case it happened that we could only make one team ... and I had to tank. I protested this mainly through force of habit rather than any other reason. Fortunately due to them running a 10 man on one of our off days earlier during the raiding week we only had Mimiron, General Vesax, and Yogg himself left. This meant that I only had to tank for Mimiron and the trash up to Vesax.

We one shot Mimiron, despite a healing screw up that caused Bloodthrust to die while tanking in phase one. I kept screwing up in phase three while on the scrap bots and bomb bots. kept miss clicking and failing to taunt the bomb bots (going to have to make a macro for that, although I should really just practice more instead).

We one shot the general, infact we almost entered hard mode by mistake.

Then it was time for Yogg. We were pretty confident since we'd had so much practice on 25 man, but we figured we would have to see phase three a few times before we got it right. The most we'd seen of P3 on heroic was a confusion of adds running around seemingly killing tanks at will.

We had Bloodthrust solo tank it and he did an amazing job, once I told him to stop tanking them so close to the damn clouds that the mobs were actually standing in them, but we managed to wipe in phase 1 by spawning too many additional adds.

Time for attempt number two. This time we didn't spawn too many adds, and the melee (me included) didn't try to commit suicide too much, so P1 went very smoothly. After the chaos of seeing it in heroic P2 was almost a joke, and we finished it in 3 portal phases, despite having one of the portal team miss the second one.

Then it was phase 3 and those adds that were wantonly destroying our tanks on heroic, were behaving themselves and eating mah axe like good adds should. Except for one who went and ate our lovely tree healer Ikna instead, I had to go remonstrate with him and show him the error of his ways. Bad add, Bad. STUNTY SMASH.

Then suddenly it was all over.

WTF?!? Weren't we supposed to like spend the better part of the night wiping on this guy?

We gave a brief cheer and then milled around a bit. I think Bloodthrust summed it up when he said "well what are we supposed to do now, there's like 2 hours left on the raid?". It was a very half hearted victory. We were all pleased, but I think everyone would have like him to have put up a bit more of a fight before dieing. Ok I know we out gear it being decked out in mainly 226 ilvl gear, but still it was like he just rolled over and gave up. Oh well now to do it on heroic.

The rest may have gone and done something else but I called it a night there, having no inclination to go back and do older content.

Anyway here we are taking our victory pose after the surprisingly short struggle.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Laurens said...

Nice one! On to heroic :)

Stuntyone said...

Thank god ... A comment at last.

You have no idea how disheartening it is to write 5 or 6 posts in a row and get 0 comments ... even if it's just to tell me how much I suck I like to see comments.

Laurens said...

Most people read, but don't leave comments. Get a page-view counter to see people actually do read :)

Also, more real-life stories please. That post from Saturday about no-car-so-had-to-walk-4-hours was pretty good.

Ethan, said...

" We had Bloodthrust solo tank it and he did an amazing job "

Clearly Stunty, clearly.