Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ghostcrawler v.s. Warriors.

Before I start I just want to say that I know this is completely unfair towards Ghostcrawler on my behalf. But you know what? It's my blog and I'm going to do whatever the hell I feel like.

Mid Wrath of the Lich King 3.0.

Warriors: I want to play arms in PvE and PvP ... But I do love this titans grip thing mow that they removed the hit penalty.

Ghostcrawler: What's the state of warriors at the moment?

Forum Browsing Lacky: Well they want to play arms but they are reasonably content at the moment.

GC: And the other classes? Are they complaining about warriors?

FBL: No not to any great level.

GC: Ok then my job here is done.

Late Wrath of the Lich king 3.0.

Warriors: GOD I LOVE TITANS GRIP. But I wouldn't mind playing arms in PvP and PvE.

Other Classes: Warriors do too much damage. QQ

Forum Browsing Lacky: Ghostcrawler sir, the other classes are complaining that warriors are doing too much damage.

Ghostcrawler: Are they doing too much damage?

FBL: It does seam that way sir. They are topping the damage meter's on most fights.

GC: I will not stand for this injustice!!! Bring me my nerf bat!

FBL: The normal one sir?

GC: No I think this calls for the special "Paladin edition" nerf bat.

FBL: But Sir, the Paladin edition was designed to nerf through bubble. Isn't that going a bit over board?

GC: No it's not! Topping the damage meter's, we'll see about that. Muhahahahahaaaaa!

Early 3.1 Warrior Changes Are Announced.


Other Classes: Serves you right, stupid warriors. Hehehehe.

Forum Browsing Lacky: Sir the warriors are QQing at a massive level.

Ghostcrawler: Are the other classes happy?

FBL: They do seem to be ... but those warriors are really going at it. I haven't seen this much QQ since my last visit to the mage forums.

GC: That does seem bad. I'd better throw them a bone. Hmmm, now what were they wanting a while ago?

Wrath of the Lich King 3.1 Live.

Warriors: My titans grip is still nerfed. But I can play arms now ... and Oooooh look at that Juggernaut talent man thats nice for PvE and god does it rock in PvP. I can PvP again YAY.

Other Classes: Warriors can charge in combat. QQ. After they charge they get an auto crit. QQ.

Ghostcrawler: What's the state of warriors at the moment?

Forum Browsing Lacky: Well the fact they can PvP properly again has distracted them from the TG nerf. And the fact that they can do some decent damage as arms in PvE seems to have placated them in that regard also. There are still some die hard TG QQer's though.

GC: And the other classes?

FBL: They hate Juggernaut in PvP.

GC: Time for a "Ghostcrawler Special" I think. *goes and releases a statement that they are not going to nerf juggernaut into the ground because it will cause warriors to collapse in PvP again.*

GC: That should do the trick.

FBL: Sir the other classes are still QQing ... and pretty hard.

GC: Time to put the "Special" into the "Ghostcrawler Special". *introduces a 75% reduction on the Juggernaut crit bonus*

Warriors: Ok so mabe it was a little overpowered. I still don't like the change though.

Other Classes: But but but ... they can still charge us. QQ

GC: How are the warriors taking the news?

FBL: Surprisingly well sir.

GC: And the other classes?

FBL: They still don't like the constant "in combat" charges Sir.

GC: Time to make this special a double. *goes and introduces a 5 second penalty on the charge cooldown*

Warriors: *Squeal *

GC: Working as intended.

Please note that this is a product of my caffeine saturated sleep deprived mind and these view are not those of Ghostcrawler, the SoL guild, or have anything to do with reality in any way (except that the nerfs happened).

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Anonymous said...

on the money!

Gobble gobble.

Anonymous said...

*Awesome and right...

Silly blogger, why does it reset my comment box a few seconds after loading?

Silly commenter for not checking ;-)

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

...i'm at a loss for words on Just how acurate that was.

Warriors - Only class with the ability to blow two talent points to get a nerf to an ability.
TG - -10% damage
Jugs - Increase CD

Hey at least next patch we're getting a buff that doesn't nerf us.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss for words at just how stupid and emo you are. Moron. Thank you for leaving this link on the WoW forums so I could come here and call you a fucking idiot. They nerf all classes, you just complain because it's warriors this time. Nothing gamebreaking has changed to make any class or spec unplayable for us since the god damn launch. Stuff your retarded opinions deep down and stop posting them on the internet, because you're too stupid to exist, fucking faggot.

the Fanner of Flames said...

Heya... found your blog, and i LOVE this post =) I'm linking it on my blog, hope you don't mind... full credit is given to you, off course =)

the Fanner of Flames said...

Also, sorry for double posting, but i saw the post above, and i HAD to say something...

Dude, if you think that warriors get nerfed alot, look at paladins... we're being nerfed in ever single bloody update, simply because people complain that pallies are too strong/too durable/too imba/too retarded... I mean, ever since TBC when blizzard finally did away with the class limitations in terms of end-game content, people have been QQ-ing about pallies, and so devs keep on nerfing them... but even so, we still remain playable, still remain fun, despite all the bubble-hearth and retardin slurs.

Don't wail on stunty, he's just voicing his opinions, it's a free world, and a free web...