Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anetheron At 2%

Yes this is another one of those "we almost had the mugger fugger" posts.

We one shotted Rage Winterchill, and on our first attempt on Anetheron managed to get him down to 2% ... the best we were to do on our three attempts at him. Four attempts technically but our third attempt when to pot on about wave four of the trash and a wipe happened before we even saw him.

As an off tank I had it easy during boss fights as I would change into my dps gear and pretend I was a fury warrior. I managed to put out over 700 dps in my prot spec during the boss encounters just by changing gear.

Did I have a flawless run from my point of view?

This is the Incompetent Warrior your talking to here, what do you think?

Of my mistakes during the night the one that sticks out as a true Incompetent Warrior moment was when I ran out to grab my target on a trash wave before they had hit the paladins consecration. Instant aggro from every mobs = Dead Dwarf. It was kind of like presenting myself as starters before the main course of the raid.

Mob1: "Mmmmm... Dwarf.

Mob2: *Drool*

Me: "Oh Crud"


Mob1: "Thats the problem with Drawfs, you have one and then your hungry again 30 seconds later."

Mob2: "Tell me about it, lets get some mage to go."

Steamrolled is the term that comes to mind. I got a rez but at that stage chaos had broken loose mages down, warlocks down, mobs running amok ... Everywhere.

Anyway after we called it quits, a decision was made that made me a very happy dwarf. It turns out that the officers had been discussing this for some time now and it was decided that we were pushing our luck with entering T6 content as we are. Sure we could with a bit more practice handle Anetheron but that would be about our limit. So for the next while we will be concentrating on getting T5 content to farm status, and gearing people up.

This is a very good thing in my opinion. I don't think I should have been allowed into T6 content at my current gearing level. When I mentioned this to the warrior class leader after the raid he asked,

WCL: "Then why do you just not sign up?"

Me: "not ... sign ... up ... ???"

Me: "Sorry I don't get you."

WCL: "hehehe"

The point is that I love raiding, and if I can I will go anywhere people will take me regardless of whether I think I'm geared enough or not.

I'm basically kitted out in T4 gear with a few T5 ancillary drops such as my mace and necklace. this is the reason I have over stacked (according to conventional practice) on evasion. Practically all my gems have some evasion component to them. I did this so that I could effectively tank in high T5 content without getting smushed, or requiring excessive healing.

It's also the reason why when I got the chance I took the T4 shoulder token that Mulgar finally decided to drop. This is because there are a lot of people waiting on T5 defender tokens that have a higher prio rating than I do, and if I waited and saved up for my T5 tokens than in the mean time I would be a much less effective tank until such a time as my turn came up. Also it allowed me to switch out my T4 legs for a slightly better pair without losing my set bonus. So all in all it was a much more effective choice than it seemed at the time.

Anyway, it now seems that I will get a lot more time in T5 content where I feel much better able to preform to an adequate standard. /HappyWarriorFace

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Edge and Kiyo said...

The guild Edge and I are in also seems to want to push further than our gearing/experience allows. We have kara, ZA and Gruuls on farm but we still haven't touched Magtheridon, which I can't understand. We're also supposed to be trying MH but we're only 1/6 SSC and 1/4 TK. /sigh

But in any case, good luck on the next Vashj try!


Dezdemone said...

I feel your pain on the T5 vs T6 content stuff. Our GM is intent on seeing Anetheron go down so we are also nosebleeding on him. The GM for my guild doesn't seem to be willing to backdown and spend some time gearing though =(