Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vashj Down!!

Yesterday we took our biggest step as a raiding guild, yes the title says it all we downed Vashj. SoL is now 6/6 in SSC.

This was it, this was what I had been waiting for. When I decided that raiding was what I wanted from this game this was the feeling I was looking for.

Have you ever seen one of those world first videos where at the end when the boss goes down the voice chat explodes with screaming and cheering?

Well it's not only on world firsts that this happens. As the lady hit the deck vent exploded with screaming, cheering and laughter that lasted at least a full minute. To date I have never experienced anything quite like that feeling ingame. 25 people all cheering and screaming their heads off after trying so hard on the most difficult fight fight we have had to date. It made the previous 27 wipes on her worthwhile ... and then some.

We had 9 previous attempts on her that night and it was our last try as we had gone way over our raid time already. Wipe number 8 was a 2% wipe and I took a screenie thinking that I would be making another "We almost had her" post, this was reinforced with the abortive 9th attempt, which went so wrong when the MT paused right at the edge of her aggro zone and a couple of people ran right on by him causing 3 early death's. This made the victory all the sweeter when it happened.

It took me a good half an hour to calm down afterwards, and the warrior class leader was almost in tears with joy.

Was I blameless for all those wipe we had?

This is the Incompetent Warrior here, of course I caused some of them. They were not directly attributed to me but I played my part in our downfall.

How you ask?

Well it's simple. In this fight everyone has to play their part or the whole thing falls to pieces. I was stationed on the western steps for phase 2 and with a mage and a healer we could keep that side covered ... but if either one of the dps died the other could not handle all the elementals and get the tainted ones as well. I know that when the mage helping me died I would after a short while be forced over the top of the steps onto the outer ring just to stop them reaching Vashj. At that point I could not even see when a tainted elemental had spawned, let alone get to it in time.

One indirect wipe I caused was when my healer had let his healing instincts get the better of him and had started healing everyone in range, I got poisoned by a tainted elemental and died before priesty boy could get to me.

How is that my fault?

I'm a dwarf, my racial is Stoneform, Stoneform removes poison effects ... and I had forgotten I had it :(

Another one was a particularly ill timed Whirlwind on my part. I was at the bottom of the steps attacking an elemental when I tapped to WW button at the exact moment that a Naga spawned directly behind me. Then, where once I saw a dwarf attacking one of those pacifist elementals, all I could see was Naga ... and it was Angry. Needless to say I did not survive long there after.

Anyway thats about all I can say on the subject at the moment, I still get excited just thinking about it. Onwards to Kale'Thas and his cronies /charge

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Our guild still cannot down Vashj and will be attempting Naj'entus in BT tonight apparently.

Vrathmat said...

My guild has just started working on Vashj. Unfortunately, I've been left out of the raids because the tank spots are already filled. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the glorious moment that they kill her the first time :-(