Friday, July 11, 2008

If You Ain't Cheetin', You Ain't Tryin' Hard Enough.

This post is in response to the new trend of thinking that T5 boss downs are not worth as much as they used to.

In a way this is true, you can now get T6 equivalent gear and epic gems from the new vendors, and the removal of attunement means that you can skip into the easier early bosses in Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, and many of the older guilds seem to think that this is cheating ... and they are right ... and they are wrong.

Haven't they been cheating too though?

Haven't they taken every possible advantage they could get to down a new boss?

Didn't they get T4 equivalent gear from they old badge vendor to enter T5?

Didn't they use strategies developed by those who got the world first kills?

If you start disregard kills based on the fact that people were useing every possible advantage they could get where does it end?

Taking this line of thought to the extreme, you could say that a boss kill only counts if you go in using only only the gear you had earned through PvE, no bought buff food, potions, or weapon enhancements and no reading up on the encounter before going.

Well I say that if you don't have the best possible gear you can lay your hands on at the time and working on the rest, and you don't have every consumable you can nab, grab, beg, borrow or steal, and if you haven't read strats and alternate strats. Well then I don't think you deserved to down the boss in the first place.

If you ain't cheating, you ain't bloody trying hard enough!

Sorry about the rant, but that attitude just pissed me off. Yes it may have been easier for us than it was for them, but we would have been bloody idiots not to take every advantage we could and continue to do so. The day we stop doing so is the day we should stop downing bosses... or at least deserve to stop downing bosses.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Morane said...

Totally agree. Taking the point to it's logical extreme: If you didn't score a 'world first' kill using only in-game sources - you're cheating.

Makol said...

the one thing that I would classify as "cheating" is exploiting. however, I have always been one for "creative use of game mechanics". I did use the fire resist buff from the mobs in UBRS when we were learning vael, and as some blue said: "they are there for a reason". same thing with the pillar humping during the twins encounter, it's possible to do it for a reason.