Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Server First ... I Think.

Did I suddenly shoot forward in progression to get a server first in the Sunwell Plateau?

This is the Incompetent Warrior here so of course I didn't. Oh no I went retro for the server first. As Ghostlands EU was created with the release of the burning crusades it turns out Ragnaros had never been killed (at least as far as I know). Also a Ghostlandian is trying to craft some legendary item involving the Bindings of Whatshisname and some quest item that drops off Raggy and apparently crafting this item will cause some kind of world event. I, being one of the Burning Crusade noob invasion, haven't really got a clue whats going on so I kept my mouth shut when this sort of thing was mentioned so as not to seem like too much of a noob. But hey the people involved read this blog so the cats out of the bag now :)

Anyway, I hadn't the faintest notion that raggy was going to be killed on sunday until the person organizing the event whispered me asking how many of my guild were going to it since at least two of them said they would. I got an invite and with 24 other poeple the adventure began.

All through the Instance I hadn't the faintest notion of what the hell was going on. We pul mobs I hit mobs, people ninjapull more mobs I hit them too. There was some deal with dousing runes and what not. At one point we almost wiped with 25 level 70's when about 4 packs of mobs were pulled all at once due to a seemingly infectious bout of general incompetence. Yet being over stacked on healers we pulled through.

Only Majordomo and raggy were left to kill when we went in so we killed all of Majordomos adds which counts as beating him. Then looted his chest for some retro epics ... of which I got none :(

Then it was time for Ragnaros himself, I can only imagine what it would have been like to struggle all the way through at level 60 with 40 people in the raid and finaly be greated by this sight.

Even during the fight I hadn't the faintest notion of what was going on except the a couple of times I was sent flying through the air and into lava. I would just intercept back at him and all was good it seems, and it was great fun flying backwards through the air :)

After what seemed to be far too short a time Raggy was down and we were celebrating.

In conclusion I would like to give a big Incompetent thank you to K for organizing this and for inviting me along.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could do vanilla WoW. :( Bosses looked more epic back then.

Anonymous said...

eeekkk i rember doing that boss with my poor orkie tank, ah those where the days....wipe, rez...wipe rez...wipe again. And just maybe get 2 the boss.

bad kitty