Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Gots Me A Temper.

Why This Post.

I haven't been on Blog Azeroth chat (an AIM chatroom for wow bloggers) much lately, mainly due to having to catch up on work and having smushed my finger, but today I decided to log in to it after my last post for a bit of a chat and to vent a little after wiping on vashj at 3%.

At first everything was nice and normal with all the friendly people that are normally there and I got a /pat and a /comfort and commiseration on what a B#### that fight is. So having vented my frustration I was keeping half an eye on that chat while I went through my daily blog reads (all the blogs on my blog roll plus a few random ones).

While I was doing that I noticed a discussion on one of the proposed or suspected changes in WotLK. a bit into it I started paying a bit more attention and noticed that one of the participants was making a bit of an arse of himself by seemingly confusing stubbornness and pigheadedness with discussion. He struck me as the type of person I've met that can't have a discussion unless it's an argument.

Anyway it got to the point where one of the participants a blogger I respect, got so annoyed that she left the chat. The now (in my opinion) confirmed @sshat (I may be being unfair to the guy but I don't think I am, or care over much), then said "I don't know why someone would write a blog if they are not open to discussion."

That set me off. It just really got my goat. That statement was wrong on just so many levels.

One, what he was contributing could not by any stretch of the imagination be called discussion.

Two, there are 101 reasons for writing a blog and at least half of them in no way involve the opinion of others.

Three, he just attacked someone that wasn't there to defend them self, which in my books is the lowest of the low.

About My Temper

I'm sure that most people in my guild would be surprised at this post, and even that fact that I have a temper. This is because it takes quite a lot to set it off (or in this case just one unreasoning @sshat), but when it does go, oh boy does it go. It happens very fast and the first thing to go is articulate speech, which is then followed by a massive rush of adrenalin, and the last thing to go is a vision not colored red. You've heard the expression seeing red? Well it's based on the fact that the last thing people like me notice before reasoning thought completely flees their head is that their vision is suddenly tinted crimson.

When I was younger (said from the grand old age of 25 :) ) this caused a lot of problems as I could never tell when to remove myself from a situation before I snapped.

Now however it's different and when I saw that line pop up in chat, I immediately noticed the tingling sensation of vast amounts adrenalin being pumped into my system, also I noticed the sudden massive tension in my optical mussels that denoted a real whopper of an anger fit coming on.

I forced a little calm on myself and typed "Thats it I leaving too" and logged out quickly before he said something else and forced me to put my fist through my monitor.

Anyway this means that I probably wont be visiting BA chat again in the near future. Which is a shame since it was such a nice friendly place to hang out, but one prat just ruined that for me as I cannot trust myself to view even his screen name without becoming enraged again.

So until next time this is Stutyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Auzara said...

I wish you hadn't left babe. The conversation developed from there to include topics related why blogs don't have to be a discussion AND to have someone point out that particular blogger isn't the type to walk away from a discussion but was likely feeling like she wasn't being heard.

Either way /hug also "Why'd it have to be snakes.

Lady Jess said...

honestly had no clue what the conversation was originally, but I too wasn't pleased when people were so bothered they left. It just stinks that sometimes online, human feelings aren't taken into account when someone acts in a way that isn't normal. The first thought should be...I wonder what's wrong? Is "soandso" possibly having a bad day? /sigh

Awlbiste said...

I left too eventually, and I agree with your assessment of this person.

I guess I'll just have to comment more! Hope you rethink your decision though. :(

Stuntyone said...

@ Auzara, I'm glad someone was there to set him straight, but remember how I said that coherent speech was the first thing to go? Well that includes the ability to plan out any sentence at all not just the ability to say them.So I would have been no good in any discussion. and yes "Why does it have to be snakes" :)

@ Jess, Maybe I should have thought about whether or not he was having a bad day, but in reality I don't think there are many reasons that he could give that would have made me feel any different.

@ Awlbiste, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that way :) I may well return to BA chat ... but when I don't know :(

Anyway thank you guys for your support and I hope I calm down enough to be able to chat with you again :)

Saresa said...

That is a shame that happened. Hope you will come back!

Lady Jess said...

No, no, I meant when you guys left, the person that made that comment should have stopped to think ...not you, I totally agree with you:)

Stuntyone said...

Ah all is made clear now, yet again the ambiguity of the writen language has confounded my poor warrior mind :)