Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Warriorz Is Not For ... Warriorz?? o.O

Sorry about the title I've just read a few to many lolcatz lately.

Anyway the point of this post is that even though I go on and on about warriors, I know that they are not for everyone.

I have a RL friend that played a warrior basically from beta until he rerolled a druid on my server ... and he loves it. He specced feral and never looked back. He loves the versatility that comes with the spec. The ability to switch gear and provide great dps, ability to off-heal, innervates and battle rez's, he loves all these things that a feral druid brings to the party and I don't think he will ever go back.

I know another guy that plays a warrior and rolled a rogue, and he is a much better player as a rogue than he ever was as a warrior, even though he had played as a warrior for a much longer time.

Conversely I have a holy pally friend that rolled a fury warrior alt, and is reveling in the focused sustained dps that this guy brings, and again is a better player as a fury warrior than he was as a paladin.

This has made me feel very lucky in the fact that I first rolled a class that I love, and I do love it. I love tanking, I love the complex damage rotation of raiding arms, and lately I have come to love the self contained good dps that comes with fury spec.

So my advice would be to experiment with different classes if your a warrior, and if your not a warrior give it a go, you never know you might like it :)

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Sephrenia said...

I tried a warrior. I got to level 16. There was no heal button. I deleted her.

My poor rogue (who I did all my hardcore pre-TBC raiding on) is stuck at lvl 66 - she has no heal button.

My druid and shaman are stuck in their 30s - they can't kill stuff with their healing gear on.

Every time I try something else I can't play it because it's not my priest. I think I found my class. Nothing else feels right to me.

My belief is that there is a class that perfectly suits everyone - some are lucky and find it - some are still hunting.

Anonymous said...

Well first of all thanks for the mention stunty anyway i did start off with a fury ork warrior since the dark ages of Beta, Yes i been playing that long. Anyway i did enjoy him for along time until everyone wanted a protection tank.

I did respeced and found i was petty good as a protection but after awhile mates left and i found myself a lony ork meat shield.
Thats when old smelly here told me of some lads in RL playing on Ghostlands. So started playing with a druid...and i Never look back...dps/tank/heal/the odd aoe...yes we do have them.

But i do miss my old ork tank.../cry. as i did enjoy warrior's. But like smelly said you find a class you enjoy, you just need to find it.

Bad Kitty