Friday, July 18, 2008

I Gots Me T5 Glove YAY


I got my first piece of Tier 5 gear ... and it was completely undeserved. I was having a completely crap night that night, I mean seriously I stank. The only saving grace was that I was running as dps and not as a tank where having such a bad night would have let everyone down even more.

I had picked up some kind of virus that kept trying to open Internet Explorer, but having banned it from making any kind of Internet connection all this resulted in was it periodically minimizing WoW repeatedly for about 20-30 seconds. I spent most of yesterday tracking it down and eradicating it from my pc, but that night I just couldn't find it. Maybe it was having this happen which threw me off my game so much, but whatever the reason I just didn't bring my A-Game.

On the Lurker Below I was completely mistiming my movements to escape being hit by his whirl which eventually lead to my death close to the end of the fight. At one point I was so low on health that I couldn't risk jumping into the water to escape his Spout and had to run around behind him as he spouted hoping a healer could throw a heal on me as I did so. Fortunately one did, which was lucks since after his spout I misjudged whirls range again and was knocked into the water.

On Leo I kept messing up my damage rotation and misclicking abilities which crushed my dps output in an already melee unfriendly fight. Although on a plus note I did manage to survive for the longest I ever have in phase three. In fact according to the WWS report it was after he died ... if only by a fraction of a second.

Anyway hopefully I can get over this funk and bring my A-Game for the next raid. And to lighten the mood here are a couple of fun events that happened.

My Epic DPS fail on the trash in heroic black morass broadcast over Guild chat.

Click to enlarge
Proof that no one can resist my dwarfish charms. Here is Lady B obviously overcome by my Fiendishly handsome dwarven features, and also my apparently charming voice on vent (or so I've been told, personally I can't stand to hear recordings of my voice and I don't know how other people can).

We had to restrain her for her own good after that.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Val said...

Hey congrats!

Gah I hate assertive applications that keep interrupting. I guess I'm glad I'm on a Mac, at least when I do do updates, I don't have to reboot 5 times in between ;)

Valdesta, the Mac user
WoWGrrl's player blog

Hoolie said...

gratz Stunty! V pleased for you, nice feeling to get a piece of the next tier up, especially if its got the right stats for you :)

steblack said...

nice screenshot from black morass the other night mate. anyone reads this, check my dps on the bottom right of the screen. i love bm trash pulls