Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Wiped On Gruul

Last night we had an epic raid, with everyone bringing their A-game. It started off with us aiming to kill Karathress and Morogrim in SSC, and we did in 1 hour and 20 minutes. And I didn't die.

What should we do now?

Ok lets go kill Rage Winterchill in Mount Hyjal. Apparently he had been buffed, but it didn't really seem that way as we tore through the trash and then him. Although I must say I was a bit peeved at him. A while ago I finally got my Medallion of the Alliance to replace my Insignia of the Alliance just for this fight, and what does he do? For the first time ever he shoots me more than once with his frostbolt thingy ... Three times all in the space of my trinkets new and improves 2 min cooldown ... the bastard *shakes fist*. Fortunately I was still in my prot gear so I had a huge stack of health to soak up the damage and I didn't die.

Ok we just one shot him, now what do we do?

Lets go test out the trash in Black Temple. This was where the real fun of the night began, thats not to say that we weren't having fun before. In fact we had a new guild member along with us and he commented that he had never heard so many people laughing in any raid he's ever been on.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time running around like headless chickens with shouts of "What the hell does this mob do?", "Which way are we going again?" and "I'm dead!". I was starting to get a little worried though since we were nearly at High Warlord Whatshisface and I had yet to die that night, it would be breaking a long standing tradition if we were to have a 25 man raid and I was to survive the entire night.

Then it happened, just two pulls away from the boss ... a wipe!! And Stunty goes down!!!

But it did not end there, we killed the group that did this, and on the very next pull I was to die again ... this was embarrassing since I was a tank and I was the only one to die on that pull :(

Then we got our first real look at High warlord Whatshisface.

And this is us after engaging him.

I'm somewhere in the pile in the center of the pic. I think we did alright considering 90% of us knew nothing about the fight and when we popped the first bubble half of the raid exploded. That little episode brings me nicely on to the next part of my post.

Before we start getting overconfident I would like to take us back a day to sunday where, like the title say, we wiped on gruul. And here's the screenie to prove it :)

Ok so we had a lot of people new to the fight along with us and this was the result of Half the raid exploding on the first shatter, I was quite in awe of the damage that could be wreaked on a raid .... by itself /Epic Fail

We downed him on the second try and I was pleased to see that nobody died in the first few shatters, although i almost killed our MT when I Intercepted at Gruul to get away from a bunch of people only to realize that the MT had feral charged at him also, resulting in us slooooowly trying to run away from each other, and fortunately we made it far enough away for a wipe not to happen,

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

Oh and in a show of solidarity (even though I'm not a druid) against BRKWWA .... *Clears throat* "FOSHIZZEL"

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