Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Funny Old Night.

Tonight we did High Astromancer Solarian. All through the trash on the way to Solarian our Guild Leader Ej was making sure that everyone had the addon Solarian Alarm installed and activated. Then on the very first Wrath of the first try Ej gets the debuff and with perfect timing his computer freezes and blows the raid up.

So all Hail Ej destroyer of raid. /bow (sorry Ej I had to mention it)

We had several wipes before downing the lady. Mainly due to the raid spreading out, but with this sorted and everyone on the same page we downed her so easily it was scary.

Well onto another topic.

Finally having sorted out my pc and codec problems I can now make videos. Unfortunatly I have a cold at the moment so I can't voice narrate them. Also I made no major mistakes tonight so I could not do my first video on one of my mistakes :(

Just think of all those great moments I've missed, the time I body pulled High king Mulgar, the time I wiped the raid by not jumping off the platform fast enough on Al'ar, the time I came withing less than a second of killing the raid by clicking the cube early on Magtheridon ... I could go on and on. But needs must and I have made do with the available material.

In fairness to my guild (who will feature in all my vids) I will be doing a "How to" vid from the warriors point of view for every "how not to" that I do.

The quality sucks so if anyone could give me a better hosting solution that You tube ... or tell me what I'm doing wrong to get such crappy quality I would be most apreciative.

Anyway here you go ... my very first vid ... be gentle.

Found a better host for the video but cannot embed it ... CLICK HERE

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.

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