Friday, June 6, 2008


I don't drink very often, but yesterday I had a couple too many glasses at dinner, so on my way home I stopped off at the shop for another bottle of wine to finish the job off.

At the moment I'm gathering the matts for The Iceguard Set, and I needed another 12 primal water. I logged on to my warlock alt and started grinding those eels in the lake near Shatthrat City. The little 'lock needed some leveling and Stuntyone needed primals this achieved both goals at the same time. I've never been one for grinding (I get bored of it very quickly), but sitting there already nicely toasted and working my way through another bottle of wine I managed to grind out 6 primal water and 6 motes of water, without ever getting bored (is this how the gold farmers manage it?).

At this point someone mentions a PuG raid on Tempest Keep, so I log over to Stuntyone and join up. There were only five of us and they were going to start asking in general chat so it wasn't looking good. Then I get a whisper asking if I want to do a quick run in heroic slave pens as dps, I let them know I'm drunk (at least I think I did) but they seem to still want me so I go and respec (I haven't looked at my spec yet to see if I got it right in my inebriated state). In the group there was a holy priest, an enhancement shaman, a hunter, a feral druid tank and me.

Slave Pens.

We storm through the place (at least I think we did, it got harder and harder to tell) with the priest pausing occasionally to resurrect me more often as I became more and more drunk eventually reaching the end of my wine bottle. The omen threat meter became merely a list of coloured bars on the left of my screen. We down the final boss and collect the last of our 3 badges, we hearth stone out and I go for a quick toilet brake.

At some point it turns out we had decided to go do heroic Black Morass, so when I get back I receive a summons to the caverns of time.

Black Morass.

Now I have never managed to complete heroic BM, even while sober. This however did not deter me one bit in my drunken state. We dived right in, I was wailing on the adds (I'm not sure how I did or even how I managed to move in the right direction) while the others were downing rift lord after rift lord and nuking bosses into oblivion. I ignored the adds during the second boss and joined in the nuking. I was in drunken dps heaven.

We one shotted that place ... even though I forgot to use my beacon. Whats even more amazing though is that I managed to remember to pick up all the badges.

In conclusion I would like to say to those I ran with ... sorry I don't usually type like that, it was the alcohol not me. Also I don't think I'm going to drink and wow again anytime soon. I stayed up far too late and I'm suffering from the hangover still.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Jason said...

Utterly amazing! I love drunk WoW. I do agree with you, I think it really does make grinding tolerable, so it has to be what those gold farmers do as well.

Dezdemone said...

Oh man, Hangovers are no fun! WoW & Alcohol are both fun, especially when the alcohol part doesn't give you a hangover or make you look stupid in front of friends!