Monday, June 2, 2008

The Regular View Of Melee Dps.

Just thought I'd post my regular view when running heroics. Melee dps just get no lovin'.

P.S. Sorry for being so lazy on this post, but I'm off to SSC tonight to face Leo the blind, should be fun. Expect a longer post on that some time tonight.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Ban said...

Hi Stunty, just a request....
Any chance while I'm on my hols that you could post the odd comment on CoT goings-on, successes etc,maybe once a week.... ill be back in early July.
No chance of getting EU servers where I'm going :(
Just to help me keep touch with whats going on...?
Just a little addendum at the bottom of your posts or something? Pleeeeeaasse!!

Stuntyone said...

Sure Ban. I'll keep you posted (no pun intended) on the happenings of the CoT.

Ban said...

cool, thx mate. Failures and successes, whatever hapens.
And good luck on your continuing adventures in raiding.
You know what..? Your now te first blog i go to when im looking, rather than BRK, kinda heresy, but thought you'd like to know :)

Anonymous said...

if you thik heroic are bad, wait until you see Kael's trash... first couple of days in there the whole melee group died every single pull...

Stuntyone said...

The thing is I don't mind dieing at all. Like I've said I don't get wipe aggro. I can and have wiped all night long with nothing to show for it but a large repair bill :)

It has become a running joke with the people I regularly run heroics with that I WILL die when I'm dps, it's those exceptional moments when I live through a pull gone wrong that excite comment.

The Incompetent Warrior.