Friday, June 13, 2008

Fury, Title, Nightbane, And More.


The title I have been going on about for so long is finally mine Muhahahahhahahahahahha!!!

Ok now that thats out of the way I can get on with the post.

On thursday I went on my usual karazhan run, having realized that I had never specced Fury in my more than one year of playing wow as a warrior, I decided to give it a go. I settled on a cookie cutter 17/44/0 spec with a fast main hand and a slow off hand weapon. The difference in dps style distracted me from how well the the group was doing, that and there was the usual laughter and talk of spanking and nipples that usually accompanies our raids. We tore through Attumen and Moroes with equal ease. So well in fact that I failed to notice that our off tank DC'd right after the pull on Moroes.

I was to die for the one and only time that night on the Maiden. The damn temperamental lady, was throwing lots of damage my way and I had forgotten to equip the correct healing potions to my action bar. Idiocy tends to kill me more often than anything else.

We go and beat up the Big Bad Wolf, then we're off to trounce the Curator. It was at this point I find the one downside to being fury specced, there are times when you become a threat bomb. I was critting so fast and often in that fight that most of the time I spent just auto attacking the big guy.

As usual we call it a night after downing the Curator, it's an almost natural stopping point in Karazhan since he and the next boss has so many mobs between them. Then someone pipes up with "So when are we going to kill Nightbane?" and I instantly jump on this bandwagon. I hadn't asked about Nightbane before in our raids since I didn't want to side track the raid for my own benefit. The OT asks if we want to go wipe on Nightbane to give everyone a taste of the encounter for next time. I disagree and say we should just one shot him. So off we go to visit the undead dragon.

As you can see I had disguised myself as a pirate just in case Prince has been sharing his prejudice against a certain axe wielding Dwarf we all know with the other Karazhan bosses. The disguise and the fact I was duel wielding swords must have worked because he made no more than a cursory attempt to kill me. We preformed exceedingly well, killing a (for some of us) brand new boss without a single death.

With this done all that was left for me to do was to drop the Earthen Signet and the Fiery Signet back to that naga guy in heroic Slave Pens, and collect my title. which as you can see from my opening lines I did today.

After doing heroic slave pens today (and to all of you who ran the crazy fury warrior through SP, thank you) and riding the high of my new title I went and did the daily heroic which was Shattered Halls, with almost exactly the same group. Which we completed, even doing the time trial and scoring an additional BoJ. This put me only 31 badges away from my shiny new axe.

All Hail King Stunty!Do you think my throne is too big?

Anyway that about wraps it up for tonight ... oh wait I nearly forgot.

Initial Views On 17/44/0 Fury.

After my so far limited experience with this spec I still cannot write a full review of it, but my initial thoughts are that it provides much more easily attained good personal dps than 33/28/0, but lacks the utility of the other spec. Although this is mitigated some what in 5 man groups and 10 man raids, by the low number of physical damage dealers you are likely to run with. This is leaning me towards recommending this spec prior to 25 man raiding, further testing is required but stay tuned for a full review of the spec.

So until next time this is sStuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Banshee/Hoolie said...

gratz Stunty, on all your successes and fun recently! Thanks big time for keeping mme in the loop as to what is going on in Red team too. Tell them if you see them, that im really pleased they dealt out some retribution to that nasty ol' dragon Netherspite, and especially on that eagle boss in ZA !!! He was starting to become a bit of an 'Aran-equivalent' for us!!
.... The bummer is though that they did it all without me /grumpyface... Looks like im not needed lols!
Ah well, looks like i'll be begging them to take me when I'm back!!
Take care, keep writing and thanks for keeping this wandering WoW-exile in touch with things in your hemisphere :)

Stuntyone said...

Thanks hoolie, By the way red team has recruited some new healers so when you get back banshee can be sidlined for a bit if you want and hoolie could get some of those runs you wanted with him.

Also progress on gruuls is being made, 3 of mulgars cronies down is the record so far, seems like with a little more coordination on the dps you guyus gould be looking at some sucess in 25 man raiding.

Hoolie said...

Thats all great news mate :)
Sorry if 'name drop a bit, but im pissed in Sydney Harbour typing in a intermet cafee.
I think i knjow the healers, hope they are fitting in well, and i hope Kitty is getting help from the rest of the team :))
It sounds like Hoolie might make some progress then in July then...
He's back, he's bad, he's short, he's mad.. Hoolie's on the way!!
Right!! Time to get back to the beers....
See you all soon, good luck with everything, im reading you whenever I can!

Anglachel said...

you should reverse your weapons... The convention is slow MH, fast OH.

And yeah, fury is a much easier spec toplay than arms, but for 25 mans it has nowhere near the utility.

Plus, with arms, you have almost no competition for weapons :P

Stuntyone said...

Thanks anglachel ... I was just told the same thing about my main and of hand weapons by a warrior on my server (a much more experienced one than me). He also brought up some interesting weapon choices that I will be testing over the next while ... so stay tuned.

the vase said...

Hey stunty, what I was reading on Elitist Jerks led me to believe you should go for 2 Slow Weapons, and then have 2 fast weapons that you switch to when its time to execute. This way you are building rage very fast and should be able to execute every global cooldown.