Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up And Running Again.

Ok quite a bit has been happening over the past couple of days.

High Astromancer Solarian.

I downed High Astromancer Solarian with the guild for the first time (my first time not theirs). In a fight where both the rogues we brought along managed to get themselves killed, leaving me running all over the place stunning and shield bashing the healers and hoping the mages and shaman managed to cover the interrupts that I didn't. In the end we muddled through and brought the lady to her knees. Although it's hard to tell from the pic since she turned into a giant Voidwalker before the end.


After that we went and killed Magtheridon again, adding new champions to the guild. And I discovered that with a bit of practice you can dance on the beasties head.

A New Axe.

Then a couple of heroics later I finally manage to get my shiny new axe. (Yay loot for me). Although I must say that it doesn't look that impressive for it's stats, it should look bigger and meaner, basically something that shouts "Stunty Smash!!" before I do.

Mount Hyjal.

Then there was tonight. This was the big one, SoL taking their trial run in Mount Hyjal to take on Rage Winterchill. A last minute decision to take 4 tanks to make the trash waves easier to deal with landed me in the line up.

An hour before the raid I was checking over my gear and consumables, I'd been told to bring my dps gear with me as Rage himself only requires one tank. So there I was going over my two sets of gear making sure every thing was there and setting up my Outfitter addon to switch me into the right gear for the boss fight. Ok I've got the right armor, I've got the right weapons, I've got the right ... oh crap.

Try as I might I could not find my Medallion of the Alliance, all I could find was my Insignia of the Alliance, which I though I had destroyed. Then it strikes me, I did destroy a pvp trinket, only I must have destroyed the wrong one. /facepalm

I immediately contacted one of the higher-ups and informed them of my problem, they told me that it should be alright since I would have to be very unlucky to be hit by two of the frostbolts. Ok I'm still going this time, but it means I have to grind the honor for the Medallion all over again :(

I arrive early to the instance as is my habit, and a couple of others are there already too. I'm doing a bit of exploring when I find this lovely little bathing spot just before the instance. So I strip off and have a bit of a soak, after seeing me in there Lady B decides to join me.

As more people start arriving it soon fills up. Oh and Lady B got the credit for finding it as it was claimed that only she could find a bath before a raid.

Our relaxation over we get started ... well after a much longer than normal set up period since this was a completely different kind of encounter than we were used to. It's much like comparing a normal 5 man instance to the Black Morass.

Rage Winterchill Take 1.

We deal with the trash, it gets a bit hectic but we manage, the only problem was that we didn't have enough time for people to switch to their pvp trinket before the boss came. I managed to switch into my dps gear but in my panic over having a sub standard pvp trinket had forgotten to set outfitter to equip it. /facepalm ... again.

Frostbolts and Death and decay run rough shod all over the raid. and we end up face down on the ground and let Lady Proudmore do her own dirty work. It turns out shes not so tough without 25 people protecting her. (oh and I've pointed myself out taking it easy in the Death and Decay, just in case you missed me)

It was at this point we lost a great off hand fist weapon because the master looter died before he could distribute it. This I'm sure brought tears to the eyes of the enhance shammy who would have received it. /comfort

Rage Winterchill Take 2

We changed the looting and organized the cc more for this attempt, but that was to be our downfall. Getting used to group loot in the middle of a battle was hard enough, I even clicked need and won a tailoring pattern *blush* I'm just glad it wasn't BoP. Also we had so much CC going that we weren't killing the mobs fast enough and a wipe happend as these things do.

Rage Winterchill Take 3

We reduced the number of CC since the hunters were having a hard time finding a bob to drag off to the npc's, who would then get involved in the affray.

Once you get used to the organized chaos these trash waves are it's actually a fun time to be an off tank. You grab your big nasty, drag it into the AoE storm, pick up a second one if you can. Keeping two off the pally tank for any length of time is reasonably hard, especially when the single target dps are focusing fire on your main target.

Anyway you tank your mob/s, and grab any that get loose from the AoE storm thats happening on your head, and snag any that happen to somehow be beating on the squishies. By the way, those of you who did, running past me was a great idea. Nothing draws my attention more than a bouncing priest or mage rushing by with a mob in tow, a quick taunt and the problem is solved.

So this time we tear the trash to pieces in short order, and it's boss time. This time everyone has their PvP trinket on and has decided that standing in Death and Decay is a bad idea. We get Lady Proudmore involved in the fight and all of a sudden it's boss down and SoL goes 1/5 in Mount Hyjal. Cheers and dancing all round, it's piccy time.

In case you were wondering, that little black ball is the remains of Rage. Oh, and guys, more funky outfits are needed, I know some of you have made the effort, but we need more. p.s. we made the boomkin stand off to one side since he was getting a bit wiffy after all that excitement, the lesson here is that feathers are not appropriate attire for a heavy workout.


We decide to give ourselves a taste of the next boss on our Hyjal list. We have no problems what so ever with the trash waves, having had lots of practice now. The boss himself wasn't so bad either, but those damn infernals he drops are a nightmare. Looks like we will be having a fire resist tank for next time. Also Lady Proudmore was getting a bit pushy and ordering us around every two minutes, so we decided to relax and let her do the work (thats my excuse anyway).

To whoever that druid is sorry for putting words in your mouth, but thats what I would have been asking looking at that chaos. :)

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


imran said...

nice to see wow pics sometimes.
reminds me of my time in one of the private servers in malaysia. although the bosses there is way easier than in official wow. but it was fun.

gogo illidan next :P

Anglachel said...

Anetheron hates my raid. It's the only explanation i can find for him dropping infernals on the healers that are not swarmed, or swarming the MT healers six times in a row...

And yeah, i wish that axe looked a bit more impressive.. and i also wish it was a sword...

also, i pray every week that the shoulders won't drop from Rage... they hurt my eyes...

TeePee said...

hehe nice post as always, love the pic :)

Hoolie said...

Big gratz again, thats all i seem to say to you these days, but im dead chuffed for you and the others in SoL!
Sorry for the brief hijacking of the comment thread, but ive just seen that CoT have not just killed Akil'zon, but have cleared Gruuls too!! Is this true? if so I desperately need details, any chance to get Gman to send me a text pls??!! Or a brief write-up on the guild page...?
Apologies again for being so introverted about whats going on!

Dezdemone said...

Grats on RWC man I am right on your tail! Our guild just got him to 5% so he's as good as dead on our next attempt. I just hope I get to be there for it.