Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ok So I Noobed It Up.

We all knew this was going to happen, come on admit it. The Incompetent Warrior deciding on the spur of the moment to go fury? Sounds like a recipe for mistakes to me if ever I heard one.

Turns out that in my quick reserch I misread about main and off hand weapons, it turns out the Main hand is supposed to be the slow one /facepalm.

Oh well we live and learn. I also got advice that if rage wasn't a problem I should use two slow weapons for extra damage on Whirlwind, which makes sense when you think about it considering the both weapons hit when you Whirlwind.

I addition I was advised that I could greatly increase my dps in arms by switching to swords instead of axe's. as soon as I get an appropriate sword I'm going to test in-raid dps and weigh up the added dps of swords vs the fact that I really really love axe's.

I mean I could yell "Stunty Smash!!" while carrying a sword, but would it really be the same?

I submit to you that it is not.

Anyway many tests in the pipe line so stay tuned for more mistakes and light theory crafting.

Until next time this is Stuntyone the incompetent Warrior signing off.


Anglachel said...

the benefit from a slowOH are should choose whatever has the better stats... the sword from MgT you have is a very solid choice, especially if you're not commited enough to the spec to spend 150 badges for the fist weapons.

Lau said...

/cheer Stunty. I even made your blog my startpage :o

Elixile said...

Matey, why the 2 points in improved execute? Weapon mastery is a much better option both for generating rage and damage output. Since you have gone for 5 points in Unbrindled Wrath, rage should hardly be an issue with Weapon Mastery.

And yes, /facepalm on slow weapon in OH haha :D