Sunday, June 8, 2008


Lately I've been telling you of my sucesses in Tier 5 cintent, Today I'm going to tell you about my failure in Tier 4 content. Specifically Prince in Karazhan.

I have never killed the hyperactive demon fugger, and tonight was no different. I'd been playing a great game and was feeling confident about this run. I'd been topping the damage meter all night (I checked it after every boss, I don't keep it visible at any other time), and others were giving me a run for the top spot.

My group one shotted Illhoof, wiped 3 times on The Shade of Aran before killing him (a warlock would really have helped on that one) did the Chess Event (lets hear it for free epics) and then proceeded to wipe 4 times on prince before calling it a night.

On the first attempt we came the closest we would to killing him that night, he must have realized that it was me in the pirate costume when at 10% he decided to drop an infernal right on top of the raid, even then we managed to get him down to 3% ... 3 Frikin' %, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I'm starting to think I'm cursed, every time I see that guy we get the worst infernal drops you could imagine. I hear others who go at different times to me say how easy he is and that it's all about getting lucky on the infernal drops.

Well you know what?

I just ain't got no luck.

Did I offend some witch? One of the many gaming gods? Someone sure as hell seems to have insured that I will never kill Prince.

Enough of that, I just found out I'm listed as a tank in tomorrows SSC run, so I'd better go respec and get the right consumables.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Marylin said...

Ya know even though I have downed prince a fair few times now I've still never got that damn t4 helm! /sigh

Cynra said...

Oh, that's awful to hear!

About one or two patches ago, they changed where the infernals dropped which resulted in fewer (none?) places where people could stand and be safe from any of the fiendish thingies.

One thing you might want to do is assign someone to infernal duty. It's what we used to do back in the day and it worked preeeeeetty well most of the time. Pick someone who is a distance away (typically a healer or a DPSer who doesn't have an involving damage rotation) and have him call out whether the incoming infernal is a good or one a bad one; with some practice and a good eye you can accurately note where they'll drop and have time to shift the group if needed.

And you can always assign infernal duty to the blasted melee DPSer who failed to get out of range of Prince in time! Few things are more embarassing than that.

Edge and Kiyo said...

First, I love your blog! Second, Prince is always just one of those guys ya know!

I have to tell you though, "he must have realized that it was me in the pirate costume" had me rolling on the floor for a good 5 minutes! I can see it now:

Prince Malch: "Hey wait a minute, that isn't a pirate! Thats Stunty! Oh no he didn't! *Summons bad infernal* That'll show him. Ninjas 4Eva"

Namthe said...

I've been told, and my experiences recently have borne this out, that Prince is much less of a luck-based fight than he used to be. Since patch 2.4 the infernals have almost always landed near or on the dps or myself.

So basically the trick is just to keep moving around the room, which in all honesty is much harder than it sounds.

Veneretio said...

Must have just been a bad time of month for old Prince. I've definitely fought him my fair share of times and most times he's nice, but occasionally you catch a run of bad infernos.

RNG strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Well I realy enjoy reading all your comments and want to respond on this. I have a Shadow Priest alt(in the same guild as you BTW) and got whispered last week to run Kara in a random group, so no guild group. Always wanted to go there and I joined. Earlier that day I ran my first EVER heroic with succes. But I was preparing for a whipe fest in Kara. Much to my surprise, we didn't wipe once in there and one-shotted Nightbane, chess event, that shade guy, the one in the dining room, that guy on the horse, wolfy and finally the Prince himself. Tactic against Prince: Tank stood against the wall on the right and we all stayed in the 'doorhall' and nuked the guy! Then it happened, the T4 helm for a priest dropped! I rolled against another priest, he rolled 87, I rolled 93!!! Was so happy, shouting in caps on the raid chat and then... A 3rd Priest who I didn't see rolled... 100!! So I lost :-(, but never the less, I had the best day so far in WoW that day!!!

Keep up the good work Stunty, maybe one day I have the honour to raid with you!