Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of Those Nights.

It was one of those nights tonight. You know the ones I mean, the ones where bosses you've killed before just wont cooperate and die like they should. The plan had been to take out hydross, the lurker below, and if we had enough time take out Loetherass the Blind as well. This brings to mind one of my favorite sayings, "If you want to hear god laugh tell him your plans."

Hydross The Unstable.

It started off wit Hydross the Unstable. I was sitting this one out as another tank with the frost resist gear had done the fight in this role before and they wanted an easier run. So I sat outside and leveled my fishing, I got from 290- 300 and they still were not done. After a while longer of sitting outside chatting with random people and emoting at horde I get an invite into the group and instructions to go get my frost resist set as the other tank had to go. So I hearth stone back and grab my clown suit out of the bank.

Want to know why I call it my clown suit?

Here's your answer
Don't laugh, now you realize the full sacrifice we tanks make for our guilds.

Anyway I get summoned back and after a while of discussion amongst the officers that we would skip hydross for tonight and move on to the Lurker Below. I got dressed up like that ... for nothing?!? You guys just did that to tease me didn't you.

The Lurker Below.

Anyway we move onto The Lurker Below, now this is a boss we have completely and utterly on farm ... what could go wrong?

I just said the four fatal words didn't I.

Our first attempt was a mess, rouges and ranged dps getting nailed by the spout, trigger happy dps breaking cc on the islands, adds evading yet still clobbering people, the main tank dieing and me taking over.

That last one deserves a whole section to itself. I'd mainly been brought along in case the Mallet of the Tides dropped as I was the only raiding warrior tank who did not have it. This meant that I was a fourth tank in a three tank fight.

So what do you do in this situation?

Why you equip your most damaging single handed weapons and have at them. But since I was there and a tank might die I had to be ready to take over one of their roles, so I dusted off my shield and tanking weapon equipping macro just in case. Sure enough the main tank goes down and I have to take over. Easy I smack my macro it equips my weapon and shield, switches me into defensive stance and I'm tanktastic and ready to go.

Well that was the plan anyway.

I smack that macro button start tanking, then get that oh so familiar "oh s###" feeling as I realize I'm still dual wielding against a raid boss. Turns out that I had gone through two different shields since I last used that macro. so I open up my bags an hastily equip my shield.

End of problem right? ... wrong.

That little mistake coupled with the fact that I never though for a moment while preparing for this raid that I would be tanking Lurker, meant that I was in a bit of a panic.

Panic + Stunty = Incompetence on a massive scale.

Let me list just a few of my mistakes. I started tanking him while standing in water, so was taking extra damage. I was jumping into the water outside the ring when he spouted. I was miss positioning myself so that I got knocked back much further than I should when he Whirled. And those are just the ones I can remember.

I just wish I'd recorded it for my how not to collection *sigh* another classic moment wasted.

Anyway more tanks died and just as we were calling the wipe he despawned at 19%, probably due to the evading adds I was talking about.

The Lurker Below Take 2

This attempt went just as a farm boss should. People stayed alive, the boss went down and the Mallet of the Tides did drop making me a very happy dwarf. after this we decided to call it a night and hope that next weeks raids went better.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Anonymous said...

Stunty, ever consider a profession change? j/k :P

I think the Oathkeeper's Helm for pally tanks looks just as ridiculous... Blizzard needs a new designer.

TeePee said...

you're right - you totally DO look like a funky disco clown :P

grats on the mallet!

Stuntyone said...

You know what really bugs me about the whole disco clown suit?

It's that I had to spend about 2000 gold to look that bad :(

And thanks Teepee :)

@Loronar: I have to be a warrior ... the blog just wouldn't be the same otherwise

Anonymous said...

Well sucks 2 be you then in that outfit...actualy u look like an icecream on legs....or maybe an icebreg.

Bad Kitty