Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Loe Down, Yeah Baby!

Another first night on a new boss and another first down for the guild ... and I was there ... again!

You guys and galls rock! I was planning on spending a quiet afternoon wiping on new content, and what happens?

Thats right we down him and it only took 4 tries (technically 5 but more on that later). The whirlwinding, blind bugger takes a dirt nap.

But I do have one complaint about the raid, and it could have a negative impact on our progression. Not enough of you guys are bringing fancy clothing for the boss down pic. Codose to El for his improvisation with the savory delight but we can't all do that or it would look like a gang of pirates and ninjas killed a boss and robbed his loot ... on the other hand that would look really cool. I may have to stock up on them for tomorrow night, just in case.

Thats right my crazy guild has picked lil' ol' me to come along on another progress raid. Those hunters and rogues must really like that Blood Frenzy damage bonus.

I'm just too pumped to organize my thoughts for my usual style of post, but I will give you highlights and pointer about the raid.

The Trash.

Yet again those annoying groups of mobs meant I couldn't use Whirlwind. Damn it but one of these days I'm just going to lose all control and make lamb chops out of the CC. I nearly managed to kill myself on the green stuff those bog lord type things put out, but apart from that I've said it all before.

The both trash moments of the day go to El for 1) His spectacular "Start the encounter when we are still killing trash" technically starting an attempt on Leo, and 2) For his prophetic comment before going to pull a patrol back to the raid "If I don't make it back from the pull tell my family I love them." ... "El____ has Died".

Both of these cause complete, but humorous wipes, so nobody really minded too much. And El if you're reading this, we still love ya buddy :)

Inner Demons.

My first inner demon went really really well. They only have 11k hp and hit like pansy's and I knocked his pansy demon butt into next week. This success was to be me down fall in attempt 2 (technically 3 but we wont count the pull during the trash).

Due to my earlier success with this aspect of the fight I wasn't paying as much attention to it as I should have and my inner demon having learned from last time that "If ya mess wid da Stunty, ya mess wid da axe." got a bit sneaky on me. So I didn't notice that I had my inner demon due to the sneaky lil' bugger hiding himself inside the demon form Leotheras. I only noticed when I hit WW and it scored two crits. but by that tine I only had 12 seconds left to kill my inner demon before I became mind controlled. My brain did a bit of work and realized that I would need to put out nearly 1000 dps to kill it in time. So I popped a haste potion and kicked it into overdrive.

I damn near did it too, just one second, one second more and I would have been able to hit Execute and kill the bugger. DAMN YOU GLOBAL COOLDOWN!!!! *Shakes fist at the heavens*

The following vent chat went like this.

Me: "I'm mind controlled, kill me please."

Me: "It's Stunty."

Not Sure Who: "Ok." *In an altogether too cheerful tone if you ask me*

*Some of the raid turn on me and blow me into next week*

Me: "Thank you."

Lady B: "Thats the first time I've ever heard you say thank you to someone for killing you."

*Much laughter ensues*

*And later on, a lot of people having been MC'd at this point*

El: "Damn, I must have personally killed at least half the raid."

After this fiasco I carefully read the raid warnings on who had their inner demons, and moved away from Leo briefly just in case I misread the warnings and there was another sneaky bugger hiding in there.

My Dps.

I achieved a reasonable rate of sustained damage throughout the Leotheras the Blind kill fight coming in 10th overall according to the WWS report.

Just imagine what I would have been capable of if I'd been ... and this is the really embarrassing bit, and I sure as hell didn't announce it to the raid, but they'll find out since some of them actually read this crap ... If I'd been waring my Furious Gizmatic Goggles instead of my Tankatronic Goggles, man I don't think I'm going to live this one down :(

How you ask did I achieve such an amount of damage with such crappy dps? Especially in a fight thats so much about holding you dps at the right time?

Well just look at (and this is the part I'm proud of) my dps time. 88% Yeah Baby! Sure I had to stop hitting the bugger when he was about to do his spinny business, but every other moment I could I was hitting him as fast and hard as I could, (Intercept FTW) and I never pulled aggro.

Well thats about all I can think to add at the moment and I'll try to be more organised about my post tomorrow.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that after we downed Leo everyone was jumping around and shouting for joy, into this joyous hubbub I yelled "Don't Stop Healing Me!". I still had the bleed debuff on me and my life was going down fast. The last tick of the bleed hit taking me down to 4 hp just a second before every healer in the raid hit me with a heal, shooting me up to full hp in an instant. Just one of those funny moments I thought I'd share with you.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Chris said...

Grats on another boss kill!

Stuntyone said...

Thanks :)

Progress is coming hard and fast at the moment ... I kinda feel that the guild is merely dragging me along in their wake.

El said...

Ah man! Too much fun last night. Seriously, I was enjoying Intercepting MCed people and Executing way more than killing Leo.

And yes. Uber Nab pulls last night. My Prophetic moments were quite amusing.

Great fun. Great post mate :D

kast said...

You read my mind, been thinking about getting a Victory Screenshot Outfit !!! Going to be hard to get something original now tho !!!

Great post's by the way :)


Anonymous said...

mind control is always fun... my raid has a no dps meters in raid chat policiy, but the one exception is posting friendly fire meters...

And yes, they loooove that BF buff... and wait until you grab solarian¡s sapphire and start adding another 82 AP on top of Battle Shout.

Despite the fact that T5 content is terribly biased against melee, my melee group tops the meters every raid, thanks to the grat synergy between the members (hemo+bf+bs+wf+ that thing ret pallies do to get you more crit = win... or pain if you're a mob)